Optrel Vegaview 2.5 Welding Helmet - 1006.600

By Optrel

Optrel Vegaview 2.5 Welding Helmet - 1006.600

By Optrel

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The Optrel Vegaview 2.5 auto-darkening welding hood has the brightest, most clear TrueColor shade 2.5 light state and grind mode and TrueColor welding shades 8-12. TrueColor, allows for real color perception in light or dark states.

Weighing only 17 ounces, the Vegaview 2.5 is one of the lightest auto-darkening welding helmets available. It has three arc sensors with patented sensor slide and is ideal for TIG, MIG, Stick and flux-cored welding, as well as plasma and oxy/fuel cutting. The welding lens features external controls for infinite shade 8-12 adjustment, delay and infinite sensitivity adjustment and weld/grind switch. It comes complete helmet bag, spare front cover lens and Optrel's 2+1 warranty.

  • LIGHT STATE 2.5 - The much brighter view of your working environment in light state increases both safety and efficiency in the workplace. Welding shades 8-12 are infinitely adjustable.

  • TRUECOLOR - A specially developed UV/IR filter allows the realistic color perception typical of Optrel®, bringing color to the welder’s world. TRUECOLOR passes more colors of the spectrum through compared to standard "green" spectrum welding lenses.

    Optrel True Color
  • Sensitivity Adjustment - allows operator to infinitely change lens switching sensitivity for varying ambient light conditions or outdoor welding in sunlight.

  • Delay Function is adjustable to delay the opening of the lens after the welding arc is stopped, protecting the user's eyes.

  • Patented Sensor Slide allows the detection angle to be reduced from 120¡; to 60¡; to prevent the ADF from responding to welding nearby.

    Sensor Slide Optrel

  • Out-Of Position Welding is possible with Optrel®'s unique shell design, which has no seams or edges where weld spatter can collect.

  • Shade 2.5 Grind Mode is more bright and clear than any other welding lens in the world.

  • Patented Excenter perfectly centers the welding helmet when in open position for better comfort, balance and less neck fatigue.

  • Comfort Headband quickly and easily adjusts for size, forward position and top position.

  • External Lens Controls include infinite shade 8 to 12 adjustment, delay and infinite sensitivity adjustment and allow for quick switching between weld and grind modes without removing the welding hood.


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Optrel Vegaview 2.5 Welding Helmet - 1006.600

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