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Miller Invision 352 MPa + System Single Push Only MIGRunner - 951411

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Key Product Features

  • Easy to set up. Select wire diameter, wire type and gas being used, set your wire speed and strike an arc.
  • Alumination technology allows use of extended reach push-pull gun for consistent, versatile and dependable aluminum wire feeding.
  • Synergic Pulsed MIGåone-knobí¬ control makes Pulsed MIG adjustments easy. Set the wire feed speed control and the system handles the rest (when optimized with an MPa Plus feeder).
  • MPa: M (MIG), P (Pulse), a (Advanced Arc Control). Advanced arc control enables an improved pulse welding arc. In addition, the units provide a more robust and stable arc at very low arc length, reducing heat input, and providing the ability to weld on a wider range of material thickness.

Additional Features

  • Wind Tunnel Technology protects electrical components and PC boards from contamination.
  • Fan-On-Demand cooling system operates only when needed, reducing noise, energy use and the amount of contaminants pulled through machine.
  • Invision 352 provides 350 amps of welding output at 60 percent duty cycle with superior low-end performance. Invision 450 provides 450 amps at 100 percent duty cycle.
  • Dual Feeder Capable so you can always have two wires ready as particular jobs change, saving time and money with less set-up.
  • Line Voltage Compensation keeps welding output constant even if input power variesby +/- 10 percent. 352 models further expand line voltage compensation on 460 VAC to an amazing +37/-59 percent.
  • SharpArc changes welding arc characteristics in Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P) welding mode. If a gas is used other than what is listed on the Pulsed MIG welding program chart (page 3), the SharpArc can be adjusted to help customize your arc to the gas being used.
  • Auto Remote Sense enables unit to automatically use remote control if connected to remote control receptacle.
  • Large, Dual digital Meters are easy to view and are presettable to ease setting weld output.
  • Ultra-tough, polycarbonate-blended cover for control panel protects front controls from damage.
  • Lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum case offers protection with the benefit of reduced weight.
  • 115 VAC auxiliary power provides 10 amps of circuit-breaker-protected power for water circulators, etc.

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