Miller D-74 MPa plus 2 Bernard Q400 Guns & Drive Roll Kit - 951292001

By Miller Electric

Miller D-74 MPa plus 2 Bernard Q400 Guns & Drive Roll Kit - 951292001

By Miller Electric

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  • Tool-less rotatable drive assembly allows operator to rotate the drive housing, eliminating severe bends in the wire feed path which reduce gun liner life. Also aids in feeding difficult wires.
  • Automatic run-in control significantly improves arc starts. Run-in can be independently set on the DX model.
  • Trigger hold allows operator to make long welds without having to hold the trigger continuously. Reduces operator fatigue.
  • Standard 10 ft 14-pin interconnecting cord is included.
  • Posifeed Provides positive wire feeding performance through use of the tool less rotatable drive assembly, calibrated drive roll pressure adjustment arm and 24 VDC high-torque, permanent-magnet motor.
  • MPa Plus Models Key Features: Alumination technology gives you the ability to use the extended reach of a push-pull system for consistent, versatile and dependable aluminum wire feeding. Alumination gives you the versatility to handle whatever aluminum welding job you want to tackle.
  • Synergic Pulsed MIG operation when optimized with the Invision MPa power supplies. Provides communication between the power source, feeder and gun. As wire speed increases/decreases, the pulse parameters also increase/decrease to match the right amountof power needed.
  • Trigger schedule select allows the operator to select the alternative schedule by quickly tapping the gun trigger when not welding. When optimized with the Invision 352 MPa the operator can also switch from MIG to Pulsed MIG.
  • Profile Pulse gives you the cosmetic bead appearance for the welds you want to show off. Achieve stacked dimeweld bead appearance without back-stepping. Profile Pulse frequency can be changed to increase or decrease the spacing between the ripple pattern to achieve the desired weld appearance.
  • Accu-Mate properly seats the power pin for best feeding performance and prevents Accu-Mate grooved MIG guns from sliding in the casting.
  • DX Model Key Features: Dual schedule allows the operator to switch between two sets of welding parameters. When connected to the Invision 352 MPa, the dual schedule can also switch between MIG and Pulsed MIG.
  • Sequence Control gives the operator complete control of the welding parameters: preflow, run-in, weld time, crater, burnback and postflow.
  • Welding process range control locks parameters at a set percentage of welding parameters to ensure welding procedures and quality standards are maintained.
  • Four weld programs allow the operators to store four independent welding parameters reducing weld setup time.


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Miller 70 Series Wire Feeders 

Miller D-74 MPa plus 2 Bernard Q400 Guns & Drive Roll Kit - 951292001

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