Miller MWX-D, SA-807, (7 FT ARM) - 951507

By Miller Electric

Miller MWX-D, SA-807, (7 FT ARM) - 951507

By Miller Electric

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Miller FilTek XL Filter Technology
  • Specifically designed for welding fumes. Miller filters outlast, out-filter, and outperform all the rest.
  • Has longer filter life - up to 2 times that of treated cellulous filters.
  • Superior filtering of up to 95% of weld fume particulates.
  • FilTek XL's surface loading filters vs. competitors depth loading filters gives Miller filters advantages that benefit you:
  • Easier and more complete filter cleaning results in longer filter life.
  • More efficient air flow thru the filter results in lower operating costs and stronger suction power for a cleaner work space.
Self-Cleaning or Disposable Filter Models
Your application can easily determine the best MWX system to meet your needs.
  • The MWX-D model with disposable filter is designed for light manufacturing with lower arc times.
  • The MWX-S self-cleaning model is designed for the manufacturing environment with higher arc on times and light or heavy fume emitting weld processes.
Self-Cleaning (MWX-S) Technology
FilTek XL's innovative surface loading Filter Technology and cleaning mechanism are designed to increase productivity and greatly increase filter life!
  • Self-cleaning mechanism is easy to use. Just push a button to activate the pulse cleaning cycle that lasts about 1 minute. Surface loaded weld fume particulate is removed from the filter and safely deposited in the storage/disposal drawer.
Cleaner Air with FilTek XL Technology
  • Filters are rated on a MERV scale which measures filter efficiency based on particle count. MERV ratings range from 1 - 16, with 16 being the best at filtering small particles - such as those found in weld fume.
  • Filters common in air filtration often have MERV ratings between 7 and 11. The MWX FilTek XL filter is rated at a class leading MERV 15 to capture up to 95% of weld fume particulates!
Easy to Operate Extraction Arm
  • Easy to operate extraction arm with external adjustments so air can pass through with less airflow resistance giving you stronger CFM (airflow). It offers reliable and accurate positioning across the full range of motion of the arm, as well as easy adjustment and maintenance to ensure long-lasting operation. Extraction arms are pre-assembled in 7, 10, and 12 ft. lengths.
Filter Pressure Gauge
  • A front panel Filter Pressure Gauge is easy to read with color coded graphics. The gauge indicates when pressure drop increases and the filter needs to be replaced(MWX-D) or cleaned(MWX-S).
Miller MWX-D, SA-807, (7 FT ARM) - 951507

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