Miller XMT 650 w/ ArcReach & Reverse Polarity, 460V, 60 Hz - 907822

By Miller Electric

Miller XMT 650 w/ ArcReach & Reverse Polarity, 460V, 60 Hz - 907822

By Miller Electric

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The Miller XMT 650 ArcReach with Polarity Reversing power source is streamlined and simplified to reduce setup time and potential weld defects. Process changeover eliminates the need for swapping cables. Maximize productivity in the fabrication shop and in the field. The robust design withstands harsh environments common in the field. It is ideal for structural steel fabrication, general construction, and shipbuilding.


XMT 650s welding technologies can stop you from wasting hours every day.

ArcReach welding technology minimizes the non-value-added time spent walking to and from the power source — and maximizes arc-on time, weld quality and jobsite safety.

When operators have complete control at the feeder or remote — even hundreds of feet away from the power source — it minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity, while improving operator safety and delivering high quality welds.

Next Level Productivity

ArcReach capabilities eliminate the time spent tracing weld cables hundreds of feet back to the power source because weld operators can make adjustments at the ArcReach wire feeder or remote.

Cable Length Compensation (CLCTM) ensures that the voltage a weld operator sets is the voltage they get by automatically adjusting voltage based on weld cable length, even hundreds of feet away from the power source.

  • Process selection at point of use to easily switch between welding and gouging with ArcReach 16 wire feeder.
  • Return to a previous weld process faster because the power source is restored to its previous settings once the ArcReach accessory is removed.
  • Decrease the chance of an incorrect weld process used because Auto-Process SelectTM automatically sets the power source to the correct weld process based on the polarity applied to the weld accessory.
  • Shop cart option with caster wheels and handle makes it easy to transport the wire feeder across the shop and under I-beams.
  • Field roller is equipped with rollers to make it easier than ever to pull the ArcReach 16 wire feeder across pan decking. 
Next Level Cost Savings

Maximize savings by simplifying your fleet and accessories, being ready-to-weld with preassembled wire feeders, eliminating inefficiencies, and minimizing equipment downtime with XMT 650 ArcReach systems.

  • Eliminate the control cable and reduce inventory and maintenance expense with ArcReach.
  • Eliminate dedicated gouging power sources with integrated gouging stud at the wire feeder.
  • Eliminate cart/sled custom design and assembly and assembly and be ready-to-weld in minutes with a preassembled ArcReach 16 wire feeder.
  • Enable welder with full control at point of use, increasing efficiency.
  • Adjust While Welding(AWWTM)allows weld operators to change weld parameters while the arc is on.
  • Rugged and durable means equipment lasts — with IP23 rating, Wind Tunnel TechnologyTM and Fan-On-Demand. 
Next Level Power

Power for all your welding and gouging needs.

  • Field-proven gouge process. Remove more material per pass with optimized gouge process without sacrificing control.
  • Weld power to meet productivity needs. Improve your project timelines with the ability to use large diameter filler wires and minimize downtime with large spools.
  • Elevated arc performance across jobs. Provides the ability to run a vast range of wire diameters with ideal power. Enables flexibility without sacrificing performance.
  • Rack option houses four XMT650 power sources in one convenient package for multiple operators. 

Back panel

20 amps of 120-volt power to run power tools — like grinders, chop saws, drills and lights.

LED process indicator

Front panel process selections are illuminated with an LED that identifies the active process. This enables the selected weld process to be seen at a distance from the power source.
Gouging mode is an optimized stick position for better gouging performance
Three wire modes (GMAW/FCAW/SAW) for simplified setup and optimized arc performance - Solid and flux-cored wires with gas

  • Flux-cored (self-shielded)
  • Sub Arc
  • Stick mode for all electrode types
  • Lift-Arc TIG 
XMT 650 Series Features
  • Remote in use indicator provides convenient feedback indicating an ArcReach wire feeder is controlling the power source. While under ArcReach control, process and voltage/ amperage adjustments are locked out, preventing accidental changes by personnel other than the welding operator. 
  • Auto Remote Sense enables unit to automatically use remote control if connected to remote control receptacle. 
  • 14-pin receptacle has the flexibility to be used with spool guns, feeders, and remote controls. 
  • Arc control is active in the stick and solid-wire processes. It allows the operator to customize arc characteristics to match preference, electrode and joint design from a softer arc with more fluid puddle to a stiffer arc with a more controllable puddle. The Star setting is optimized for most applications and pointing the control at Soft or Stiff is optimal for most arc preferences. Control is fully adjustable from 0 to 25 Soft or 0 to 25 Stiff.

Included with Product

  • Miler XMT 650 ArcReach w/ Polarity Reversing - 907822


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Miller XMT 650 w/ arcreach and reverse polarity spec sheet 907822

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Miller XMT 650 w/ ArcReach & Reverse Polarity, 460V, 60 Hz - 907822

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