Miller Trailblazer 302 Air Pak Kohler Engine w/ BC/GFCI - 907549

By Miller Electric

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Miller Trailblazer 302 Air Pak Kohler Engine w/ BC/GFCI - 907549

By Miller Electric

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Four Tools In One
Professional welding performance in all processes with the best welding arc in its class. 13,000 watt generator, 31 CFM rotary screw air compressor, and 12-24-volt battery charger/ jump starter.

Superior Arc Performance
The best arc performance and multi-process versatility: Four preset DIG settings (Stick) to make the arc softer or stiffer depending on electrode and operator preference. Adaptive Hot Start (Stick) ensures easy arc starts regardless of operator technique. Excellent MIG/FCAW arc performance to run smoothly with solid and flux-cored wires. Lift Arc, TIG with Auto-Crater and Auto-Stop. Lift Arc minimizes/eliminates contamination when starting, Auto-Stop prevents arc flare at the arc end and Auto-Crater eliminates the need for a remote control by automatically ramping down amperage at the end of a weld to fill in the crater. DC Stick: 25-300 A DC TIG: 10-300 A AC TIG/Stick: 10-225 A MIG/FCAW: 13-35 V, 350 A
Independent Weld/Generator Power
Delivers an industry-leading 13,000 watts of peak generator power independent of weld settings—enough to power a Spectrum® 875 plasma cutter, and provide air for plasma cutting at the same time. (Rated 5/8" mild steel)
Rotary Screw Compressor
Quiet and durable rotary-screw compressor delivers 31 CFM at 80-160 psi of air at 100% duty cycle while rated at 104° F.  It offers an average of three times the service life of traditional reciprocating compressors. Produces air when you need it; no more down time waiting for an external tank to fill. Airflow can be selected depending on tool requirements. Front panel air pressure adjustment makes it simple to dial in the correct air pressure for specific applications (80-160 psi)
A Battery Charger/Jump Starter
Selectable 12- or 24-volt battery charging capability providing up to 450 amps for jump-starting. Conveniently located on the front panel.
Lower Fuel Consumption and Emissions
Air compressor, welder and generator are all run with one engine, reducing emissions and reducing fuel consumption up to 50%.
Requires Half the Space
Takes only half the bed space of a separate engine-driven air compressor and welder, freeing up 50% more room on your truck for equipment and supplies. The Trailblazer 302 Air Pak offers up to 25% less axle weight for payload advantage.

Easy to Service

Side and top access doors make it fast and easy to reach engine and air compressor compartments. Digital maintenance meters automatically track hours and service schedules.


Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)

Plasma (PAC)

Flux Cored (FCAW)

Stick (SMAW)



Rated Output

CC/AC 200 A at 25 V, 60% Duty Cycle

CC/DC 280 A at 32 V, 100% Duty Cycle

CV/DV 300 A at 32 V, 100% Duty Cycle

CV/DV 350 A at 32 V, 60% Duty Cycle

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Miller 302 Air Pak Spec Sheet


Miller Trailblazer 302 Air Pak Kohler Engine w/ BC/GFCI - 907549

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