Lincoln XLR P100 Half Mask Respirator Bundle

By Lincoln Electric

Lincoln XLR P100 Half Mask Respirator Bundle

By Lincoln Electric

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Exclusive Baker's Bundle on the Lincoln XLR respirator with a pack of spare filters!

Low Profile, Compact Design
  • Versatile size can be used in conjunction with other personal protective equipment
  • Fits underneath most welding helmets, face shields and hard hats
Enhanced Comfort
  • Adjustable 4-point head suspension allows users to optimize fit
  • Engineered flow vale lowers breathing resistance, moisture and fatigue
  • Unique Compressify manual face seal check
Filter Protection
  • High density nylon housing shields filter media from spatter, sparks and debris
  • NIOSH approved P100 filters offer 99.97% efficiency and are strongly resistant to oil
Filter Longevity
  • Larger pleated filter media surface area vs. comparable competitors
  • Enclosed design lowers saturation from ambient particulate
  • Increased air flow efficiency evenly disperses intake across the filter area
Superior Comfort
  • Soft, flexible thermoplastic rubber mask contours to your face shape for all day comfort.
  • 4-Point harness cradles the head to evenly distribute weight. Adjustable clasps eliminate pressure points and offer a secure feeling fit.
  • Ergonomic, stretch fit elastic suspension offers adjustable tightness to establish a comfortable yet effective face seal.

Compressify Seal Check System

Establishing and maintaining an adequate seal is an important procedure for all Half mask respirator users. The XLR half mask features Compressify which is an engineered design and simple process to help establish and check the seal each time the respirator is put on.

  • Step 1: Fit Mask - Put the suspension halo over your head and adjust for a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Step 2: Compress Filters - Compress the end of both filters to close the airflow channels.
  • Step 3: Inhale - With both filters compressed by hand. take a deep breath in. No air circulation should occur. Release compress once the seal is established.

*Convenient Storage - Each XLR respirator comes packaged in a re-sealable airtight foil bag.

*Reflective - The respirator has a silver hex-print design that will serve as a reflective marker while on the job site.

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Size Guide

Selecting the appropriate mask size can sometimes be frustrating. Lincoln has designed their Medium size to suit the majority of users, which are estimated to be 75% of all users. The Small and Large sizes are for users with below / above average facial dimensions and features.

XLR Size Guide


Respirator Approval - NIOSH 42 CFR 84A Approved

Classification - Elastomeric Half Mask

Assigned Protection Factor² - 10 APF

Air-Purifying Type - Particulate Filtering

Filter Class - P100

Oil Resistance - Strongly Resistant to Oil

Replaceable Filters - Yes

Numbers of Filters - 2 Installed

Fit Test - Mandatory Prior to Use

Mask Sizes Available - Small, Medium & Large

Fact Sheet

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XLR Spec Sheet

User Manual

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Lincoln XLR P100 Half Mask Respirator User Manual


Lincoln XLR P100 Half Mask Respirator Bundle

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