Lincoln NEXTime Wireless Module Installation Kit - K4447-1

By Lincoln Electric

Lincoln NEXTime Wireless Module Installation Kit - K4447-1

By Lincoln Electric

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Lincoln NEXTime Wireless Module K4447-1 allows you to utilize the NEXTime App. This app puts preventative maintenance at your fingertips, allowing the operator to connect to their engine drive and check fuel level, battery voltage, get service alerts, and more. The NEXTime app is compatible with the Ranger 225, 250 and 305 models and requires installation of the NEXTime Wireless Module.

This package includes everything you need to connect your Ranger! Connects to your smart phone from up to 15 feet away from your machine. Installation is very simple. 

Real Time Alerts

Stay connected with your machine so you are prepared in the field. Connected phone will receive alerts when service is required:

  • Oil Change or Filter Change
  • Air and Fuel Filter Change
  • Spark Plug Change

Monitor battery and fuel status and get alerts provide real time info so you can plan. 

Also the app keeps a log and history of service to your machine. This is great for ensuring the proper service has been taken care of. Regular maintenance ensures your machine is running optimally and reduces risk of downtime for unplanned maintenance. 


The app provides step by step instructions so you can complete the maintenance needed. (You can also use the app to find a service center near you if you prefer to have a service tech perform the maintenance) 

Ranger Joe app gives step by step instructions for maintenance and more

From installation to use this app and tool is very easy to use and a great tool to have connected to your machine. Download the app on Apple or Google store. 

Manage a Fleet

There is no limit to the amount of machines you can connect, making this a great tool for fleet managers. 

Included with Product

  • Nextime Wireless Module with Adhesive Foam
  • Plug and Lead Assembly
  • Zip Ties
  • FCC Decal

*Tools required to install:

  • 3/8 in. socket and drill driver or ratchet
  • 3/8 in. wrench
  • 1/2 in. socket or wrench
  • Pliers

Compatible With

  • Ranger 225
  • Ranger 250 GXT
  • Ranger 305 G EFI
  • Ranger 305 LPG


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Nextime Wireless Installation Kit for your Ranger

Lincoln NEXTime Wireless Module Installation Kit - K4447-1

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