Lincoln Magnum PRO 350 Fume Welding Gun K2649-1

By Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Magnum PRO 350 Fume Welding Gun K2649-1

By Lincoln Electric

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Magnum PRO fume guns are designed to stand up to high-productivity fabrication and production environments. For high-amperage semiautomatic welding where long hours of arc time are the norm, choose Magnum® PRO.

All Guns Rated at 100% Duty Cycle

Industrial Grade Construction

  • High-quality copper and aluminum parts ensure superior electrical contact and heat dissipation.
  • Four trigger leads are standard for fast field repair.
  • Patent-pending Anti-Seize tip and diffuser thread design reduces part fusing and seizing.

Lincoln Copper Plus Contact Tips - Larger tip diameter and mass improve heat dissipation to increase tip life.

Comfort Grip Handle - Barrel style allows more hand positions and a comfortable grip.

Innovative Strain Relief - Swivels to take pressure off the operator’s wrist, includes flexible bellows to make out-of-position work more comfortable, and features Kevlar® sheathing to extend fume hose and gun cable life.

Shared Expendable Parts - Both guns used the standard Magnum® PRO semiautomatic 550A gun tips, nozzles, and diffusers.

    Lincoln Magnum PRO 350 Fume Welding Gun K2649-1

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