Fronius iWave 300i Water Cooled AC/DC TIG Welder - 49,0400,0119

By Fronius

Fronius iWave 300i Water Cooled AC/DC TIG Welder - 49,0400,0119

By Fronius

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The Fronius iWave 300i water cooled AC DC TIG Welding system is elite! Offering the highest TIG welding quality without compromise. Maximum quality - on every weld, with every material. Thanks to targeted heat input and an improved ignition function, iWave offers you maximum control of your arc and significantly reduced ignition delays. Designed for the welders that want to unleash their full potential.

iWave 300i Benefits
  • Targeted heat input - Achieve maximum control of the weld pool with CycleTIG. The user controls the arc and the heat input to the fullest extent. Short welding times let you reliably maintain control of the weld pool and weld even the thinnest material with ease. 
  • Self-explanatory operation - Graphical, dynamic menu navigation - in over 30 languages. Straight forward and self-explanatory. With the intuitive menu structure you can easily change setting and get right back to welding. 7" color display with plain text display and touchscreen. All work parameters in 1st menu level.
  • Better Control - Intuitive and reliable: the system is operated using the combined press-and-turn button or the touchscreen. Graphical instructions and dynamic visualizations when you are changing parameters provide direct assistance. Touch can ever be used when wearing gloves. 
  • Reproducible ignition - Up to 71% less ignition delay. Fast and reproducible ignition, regardless of material condition and without any manual adjustment of the ignition parameters. All thanks to RPI auto - our intelligent ignition function. 

Included With Products

  • iWave 300i AC/DC MV 4,075,250,830
  • CU 1400i Pro/MC 4,048,017,633
  • TU Car 4 Pro 4,077,020
  • THP 300 W SH ML 4,051,395
  • TTB 300P W ML 44,0350,4412
  • Ground Cable 16ft 43,0004,2070
  • TIG Welding Foot Control 42,0440,0304
  • Adapter Box for Fronius 42,0440,0306
  • Gas Regulator R-33-FM-580 42,0440,0002
  • Adaptor Gas TPS2700 42,0001,3541


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Fronius iWave 300i Spec Sheet
Fronius iWave 300i Water Cooled AC/DC TIG Welder - 49,0400,0119

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