Fronius Vizor Connect Professional Welding Helmet - 42,0510,0312

By Fronius

Fronius Vizor Connect Professional Welding Helmet - 42,0510,0312

By Fronius

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Interference from external light, welding light reflections, welding in inaccessible positions – there are many factors that can significantly impair the reliability of fully automatic protective welding helmets. Throughout 6 – 8 hours a day of welding, a welder will ignite the arc more than a hundred times. Every time it is ignited, there is a split-second delay before the automatic auto-darkening filter cartridge closes. Not so with the Vizor Connect.

Connection to the Welding System

Bluetooth Low Energy technology enables the welding helmet to be darkened by the welding system before the arc is even ignited. The auto-darkening filter cartridge remains reliably darkened even at extremely low currents and while performing out-of-position welds.

6x Bigger Field of Vision

See more with the panoramic viewing area of the Optrel Vizor Connect.

Lithium Rechargeable Battery

Recharge your helmet conveniently with a USB-C Cable in your downtime.

Brightness Level of 2.5

With a brightness level of 2.5 when open, the Vizor Connect is ideal for both pre-fab and rework tasks. No more needing to take the helmet on and off.


The autopilot automatically adjusts the level of protection. The auto-darkening filter cartridge darkens automatically and regulates the level of protection according to the arc intensity.

*This helmet is Bluetooth compatible with the Fronius MagicWave 230i, TransTig 230i, and the TPS/i.


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Fronius Vizor Connect Welding Helmet Sale and Information Spec Sheet

Baker's Bundle Includes

  • Vizor Connect Front Cover Lens, 5/pk - 5000270
  • Vizor Connect Inside Cover Lens, 5/pk - 5000010
  • Vizor Connect Sweatband, 2/pk - 5004073
  • Storgage Backpack!


Fronius Vizor Connect Professional Welding Helmet - 42,0510,0312

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