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ESAB VacPac 7018-1 Prime Stick Electrodes

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SKU ESA55042430G0
ESAB - SKU ESA55042430G0

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ESAB 7018-1 Prime is a reliable, high-quality electrode, providing high deposition rate and extra low moisture absorption. It provides excellent welding pool control, minimal spatter level, good arc strike and easy slag removal making it easy to weld with, including in out-of-position welding. Particularly suitable for welding high strength low-alloy steels. The low-temperature impact strength of the weld metal should be noted.

The prevention of hydrogen induced cracking in thick structural steels or porosity in stainless or nickel-base weld metal, by controlling the moisture re-absorption in the coating of low hydrogen electrodes, can be very costly. In demanding applications, such as offshore fabrication, the cost of climate controlled storage and handling and the associated administrations are often calculated to exceed the cost of the consumables itself. With ESAB 7018-1 Prime VacPac vacuum packaging, these costs are completely avoided.

  • True 100% hermetically-sealed package

  • No re-baking, no holding ovens, no quivers

  • Safe welding after opening

  • Cost savings through simplified storage and handling

  • Reduced risk of hydrogen cracking or porosity

  • Easier for welders to carry

  • Shift-based pack sizes available


Typical Tensile Properties

  • Condition - As Welded

  • Elongation - 28%

  • Tensile Strength - 85.6 ksi

  • Yield Strength - 72.5 ksi

Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties


Impact Value

Testing Temperature

As Welded

77.4 ft/lb


As Welded

73.7 ft/lb




 ABS; 3Y H5; SB; BV; 3Y H5; SB; CWB; E4918-1-H4; SB; DNV-GL; 3Y H5


SFA/AWS A5.1; E7018-1H4 R; SFA/AWS A5.1; E7018H4 R; CSA W48; E4918-1-H4; EN ISO 2560-A; E 46 5 B 32 H5


Alloy Type:

Carbon Manganese

Coating Type:

Imperial_Basic Covering

Diffusible Hydrogen:

< 4.0 ml/100g

Welding Current:




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