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CK Worldwide 2% Thoriated Tungsten, 10/pk - GT2


CK Worldwide - SKU CKWT0207GT2

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Tungsten Diameter


2% Throriated Tungsten offers good arc starting and is ideal for high current requirements. It is also good for low-amperage AC applications using a modified point.

  • Red
  • Principal Oxide: 1.7_2.2% Thorium Oxide
  • Materials Welded: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, Titanium, and Copper
  • Radioactive - best for use in Direct Current (D/C) applications using transformer-based constant current power sources
  • Best for use on non-corroding steels, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, copper alloys
  • Good D/C arc starts and stability
  • Medium erosion rate; medium amperage range; medium tendency to spit

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