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CK Worldwide .8% Zirconiated Tungsten, 10/pk - GZ

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CK Worldwide - SKU CKWT0207GZ

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.8% Zirconated Tungsten balls well, handles a higher current with less spitting, and has better arc starts and arc stability than pure tungsten.

  • 0.8% Zirconiated (White)
  • Principal Oxide: 0.7– 0.9% Zirconium Oxide
  • Non-Radioactive - best for use in Alternating Current (A/C) for aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys using inverter- or transformer-based constant current power sources
  • Composed of 98.6% Tungsten, .7%-.9% Zirconium, and .5% other
  • Materials welded: Aluminum and Magnesium


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