Bernard AccuLock R Diffuser, Slip-On, 10/pk - D-ATSH

By Bernard

Bernard AccuLock R Diffuser, Slip-On, 10/pk - D-ATSH

By Bernard

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In robotic MIG welding applications, MIG gun consumables require frequent replacement, contributing to both planned and unplanned downtime. If you need to increase throughput and efficiency with minimal risk and effort, it's time to take a fresh look at your MIG gun consumables.

Load and Lock to Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Challenged by a shortage of experienced welding operators? The longer lifespan of AccuLock Contact Tips means fewer human interactions within your welding cells and fewer accidental errors as a result. Plus, with tip cross-threading issues virtually eliminated from your list of failure modes, you'll spend less time troubleshooting and more time on proactive weld quality and productivity iniatives.

Load and Lock to Reduce Planned

Downtime Achieve your annual cost reduction and throughput goals by decreasing planned downtime for consumables replacement. AccuLock R Consumables offer an enhanced contact tip-to-diffuser design which increases tip life over comparable consumables, reducing your replacement frequency. Upgrading from a copper tip to AccuLock HDP Contact Tips can increase life by an additional 10x or more depending on your application. In most cases, your current tip and diffuser can be replaced with no impact to TCP, making this upgrade low effort, low risk and high payoff.


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AccuLock R Consumable Spec Sheet

Bernard AccuLock R Diffuser, Slip-On, 10/pk - D-ATSH

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