Fronius TransSteel 4000MV Pulse MIG - 49,0400,0021

By Fronius

Fronius TransSteel 4000MV Pulse MIG - 49,0400,0021

By Fronius

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TransSteel multiprocess unit in a class of its own. There are over 2000 different steel alloys. Like all metallic materials, steel also has metallurgic qualities that represent a challenge when welding. In steel construction, it is particularly important that the heat input is matched to the thickness of the material, in order to avoid hardness peaks and cracking. The TransSteel series offers the welder a multitude of options that are perfectly suited to these properties.

The brand-new TransSteel 4000 MV Pulse machine from Fronius marks the arrival of the pulsed arc in the TransSteel series. Controlled welding in the intermediate arc range together with optimum weldability when working with aluminum are now part of the package.

Machine Features:

3 Phase 460v

Optimized Wire Feeding - 4 roller drive

Spot and Interval Welding as standard

Included with Product

  • Fronius TransSteel 400 Pulse /MV Welding Machine (4,075,228,830)
  • VR 5000 Remote Unit (4,049,050)
  • Cart TU Car4 Pro (4,077,020)
  • Ground Cable & Ground Clamp 5m (43,0004,2070)
  • Gas Regulator (flow meter) (42,0440,0002)
  • PAT Push Torch .45* (42,200,203)
  • MTG400i Us-Style MIG Gun 15' (4,036,423)
  • Feeder Roll .045/1.2mm (44,0001,1407)
  • Feeder Roll .035-.040/.9 (44,0001,1406)
  • Contact Tips .045/1.2 (42,0001,6467,10)
  • Contact Tips .035-.040 (42,0001,6465,10)
  • Connection hose pack G/1.2m (4,047,287)
  • Hose pack adapter (42,0001,3540)
  • OPT/TU turning pintle mounting (4,100,613)
  • OPT/TU extension bottle mount. (4,101,075)


      Fronius TransSteel 4000MV Pulse MIG - 49,0400,0021

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