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Top 10 Welding Video Tutorials

Top 10 Welding Video Tutorials

Hey all you student welders and aspiring home project welders out there, did you know that you can learn (or at least bone up) on just about any kind of welding process, technique or project you can imagine – all in one place?

That’s absolutely right! And guess where? Hu-huh – YouTube!!!

YouTube is totally jam-packed with helpful, informative and highly educational welding videos of all kinds. Just about any welding related question you can come up with – YouTube probably has a video with the answer.

The following is a list outlining 10 of YouTube's most popular welding videos:

How to Use an Arc Weld: Basics of Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Expert Village shows up quite a bit in the Welding Video Tutorial category, and their aptly titled How to Use an Arc Welder is not only one of their top ranked video tutorials, but also a very informative introduction to the Arc Welding process.

Basic MIG Welding

A 37+ minute video tutorial on the basics of MIG welding is actually a live recording of a welding course taught at University of Southern California at Irvine, conducted by real professor, using UC Irvine’s campus welding shop. To attend this course in person would cost you big bucks – so take advantage of this first rate tutorial's low-low cost of: totally FREE!

TIG Welding Technique

With over 632,000 register views, home project welding enthusiast Kevin Caron’s introduction to TIG welding is a great place to start exploring this tricky and difficult to master welding process. Kevin’s videos and overall instructional style is very matter-of-fact and easy to follow.

Miller Millermatic Flux cored MIG Welding

Both Lincoln and Miller post top-notch YouTube welding video tutorials. This video focuses on Flux Core MIG welding with the Millermatic welding machine.

How to MIG Weld: How to MIG Weld a Puddle Joint

Another Expert Village entry, How to MIG Weld a Puddle Joint, is a highly viewed video that quickly and easily demonstrates this common welding technique in an easy to grasp fashion, ideal for beginning welders.

How to Tack Weld

Kevin Caron chimes in again with another helpful and enlightening video, presented in his personal and intimate style, with quick lessons on one of welding’s most important type of welds: the tack weld.

Walking the Cup Technique for TIG Welding

One of Google’s top ranked welding blogs, Welding Tips and Tricks, has its own YouTube channel, and they’ve posted an incredibly informative video tutorial offering excellent insight into one of TIG welding’s most difficult techniques: walking the cup.

Best welding helmets on the market

The Baker's Gas YouTube channel breaks down the best options for auto-darkening helmets. Andrew talks about what is a great value and his personal favorites. 

Arc Welding with 3 Car Batteries (Tutorial & Demo)

On the more fun and unique side of welding, this top ranked and very cool (though off-beat) instructional video (boasting over 300,000 views) from off-road enthusiast Wheelie Pete, demonstrates how to wire together three 12 volt batteries and create a make-shift arc welding machine for those moments out in the field (off-roading or otherwise) when you don’t have a welding machine handy or access to electricity.

How to cut with an oxygen acetylene welding cutting torch

Credited only as Freddytk421, this guy has posted over 246 highly ranked videos, with anywhere from 25,000 to nearly 200,000 views. In this informative video, Freddytk421 offers some excellent insight into working with one of the more old-school welding processes: Oxy-Acetylene Welding cutting torch.



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