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The Importance of Calibrating Your Welding Machine

The Importance of Calibrating Your Welding Machine

To ensure that your welding machine is operating at the appropriate levels it is important to have it calibrated and certified.  Calibrating your welding machine involves going through the meters on your welding machine and adjusting them until they meet the specifications set forth by the manufacturer.  Once you have had your welding machine calibrated you can then have it certified.  Having your machine certified involves creating a paper trail to show that it has been calibrated properly and your machine can be traced back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Providing your welding machine with a certified calibration will guarantee that the welding procedures performed by your machine are accurate.  Along with following proper maintenance guidelines, having your machine professionally calibrated is one of the best ways to ensure that your welding machine runs at its best capabilities.  The demands of the welding world today require the use of properly calibrated welding equipment in order to perform the high quality welds that many of your customers are looking for.

Before beginning work on a new welding process, you should have your machine calibrated.  Having it calibrated prior to beginning a new procedure will allow the procedure to be written in a controlled environment.  It also helps to create a standard to which all work performed on your machine should be held to.  Welding experts recommend that your welding machine be calibrated annually and any calibration procedures that are performed on your welding machine should be written into ISO specifications.

If you are performing welding tasks on a welding machine that is out of calibration, they can create an environment where welder errors are possible.  This is why it is important to annually calibrate your welding equipment; it can help you avoid making costly mistakes that could have been avoided.  Welders depend on their equipment to perform well and accurately, this is what makes their jobs so demanding.  Being off a fraction of an inch can throw the whole project off and the welder will have to perform corrections that wouldn’t be necessary if their welding machine had been properly calibrated.  A welder’s job is stressful enough; calibration is just another tool that they can use to make the welding process go much smoother and problem free. 


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