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Get Ready for Winter with These 3 Fall Welding Projects

Welded Wood Rack

The official start of autumn is only days away and as the temperature drops, you may feel the need to batten down the hatches and prep your home and garage. To help you get ready, we’ve gathered 3 fall welding projects that will help you put your fabrication skills to work. These projects will help you get both cars in the garage, organize your shovels and rakes, and pile the firewood high to keep your home cozy all winter long.

Free Standing Garage Shelves Welding Project

Every fall, many households feel the pressure to organize their garage before the snow flies, maximizing vehicle storage and avoiding early morning ice scraping. Sturdy garage shelving can be pricey, but you can create custom storage for your garage using a few basic welding tools and beginner know-how. You’ll want to start by creating specific dimensions for your shelving that will maximize storage for your garage or shop.

Angle iron is an easy material choice for this project, and you want to start by cutting all your pieces according to spec. Fabricate your rack by welding the outline of your shelves first, using magnetic squares to ensure precise angles. Finish by welding your shelf brackets into place. Use either wood or sheet metal for the shelves themselves, depending on your storage needs.

Be sure to anchor the shelves to the wall for added stability.

Shovel and Rake Storage Rack Welding Project

You can’t get through fall without a rake and you can’t tackle winter without a shovel. Keep them handy and organized with this welding project. This project is a simple L shaped rack with two diagonal support beams to keep it sturdy and another piece to connect the braces. You can use whatever material you like for your rack, depending on your welding equipment and skill set- found materials work well for this project.

To get started, you’ll need 4 pieces of sturdy, square metal tubing to form the main part of your rack, 1 shorter 6” piece and two additional pieces, cut diagonally to support your rack. Start by welding your 4 sections of metal into 2 L-shaped braces at a 90 degree angle. Next, support your piece by welding your diagonally cut support beams into place.

Finally, weld your two braces together with your shorter piece. You may also want to consider adding two, small pieces of metal to the end to act as stoppers to keep your shovels in place. Now, drill your shovel rack into a sturdy sheet of wood and hang your new rack up in your shop, ensuring your ready for hours of happy raking and shoveling.

Firewood Storage Welding Project

Prepare your yard for cooler weather by trimming trees and stacking firewood, this will keep your home safe from falling branches and give you plenty of wood for the fire. Start by cutting your pieces to size.

You’ll want a broad base for your storage rack and two sturdy supports on each side so you can stack your wood neatly. Begin by welding a rectangular base, using clamps and magnets to ensure it’s square and flat. Next, weld your two, rectangular side braces and clamp them to your base before welding them into place.

We’ve actually done an entire post on firewood storage, so check it out for more ideas.

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