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 5 Welding Projects For Attractive and Convenient Firewood Storage

 5 Welding Projects For Attractive and Convenient Firewood Storage

Winter is here in full swing and if you have a wood burning fireplace, you’ll understand how important it is to have a functional, attractive place to store firewood. Everyone loves cozying up by the fire on a cold night, but no one likes having to put their boots on to haul in a bunch of logs. Can your welding torch save you from hauling in wood every time you need a fire?

These 5 firewood welding projects can streamline your fireside time by simplifying your firewood storage both inside and out.

Indoor Rolling Firewood Cart Welding Project

To make hauling in wood simple and painless, weld a firewood cart using a square base of wood. For the supper basket, you can use industrial pipe or square metal tubing. This dual material welding project will involve a rolling wood base and an upper basket ranging from 2 – 4 feet tall.

To form the basket, Weld your joints together at the top and add a center support beam for sturdiness and storage of hanging fireplace tools. Attach your support basket using metal flanges, stain or varnish your wood to protect it, and then enjoy your attractive, convenient firewood rack all winter long. 

Bent Wrought Iron, Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Holder

Using ½ inch round bar and 25mm solid iron balls, weld a simple and stunning indoor or outdoor log rack. Using bending tools, fabricate your ½ round bar into three “U-shaped” pieces tall enough to hold your logs yet nestle next to your fireplace or back patio door. Attach the legs of your choosing to support your firewood rack. If desired, finish with black spray paint to give it a polished and complete look.  

Firewood Basket Welding Project

If you’re simply looking for something to carry and store a few logs, consider welding yourself an attractive firewood basket with handles. Construct the circular base and support strips out of sturdy, flat metal strips or tubing. With your base in place, finish by attaching wire mesh to the outsides and fashioning handles out of round bar. 

Simple Firewood Rack Welding Project Using Recycled Bed Frames

If you have access to scrap metal or old bed frames, this project is quick functional and free. Start by welding together your rectangular side pieces, keeping in mind how tall you want your finished product to be. Next cut 4 crossovers to finish off your rack, attaching them at the base to support your piece. Finish off by spray painting or adding wheels for added portability.

Firewood Rack Table Welding Project

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose log holder, why not weld something that will hold your firewood and serve as a small table for books, framed pictures, or a lamp? Use 12 gauge, steel, square tubing to weld your rack base, adding ornamental details if you like. Affix a piece of flat metal strip to the side nearest your fireplace and add hooks to create storage for your fireplace tools. Then, finish off with a wood tabletop, ensuring to varnish or seal your wood to protect it from the wear and tear of daily life.

We hope that these project ideas have inspired you to weld a piece that is both attractive and useful in the heating and ambiance of your home.

Ed Cyzewski


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