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Miller ClearLight Helmets

Miller ClearLight Helmets

Top of the line optics for top of the line welders

Miller Electric has become a go-to brand for top of the line welding helmets, and the latest ClearLight Technology in its  Digital Infinity helmets promises some of the best clarity and one of the largest viewing areas in a helmet. Here’s a preview of what welders and metal workers can expect to find in this latest upgrade in the Digital Infinity welding helmet series from Miller. 

Excellent Range of Vision

Welders will enjoy the largest viewing area to date in the industry with the Digital Infinity’s new 13.4-square-inch viewing area. Welders and metal works will enjoy a significantly wider range of vision that eliminates tunnel vision, makes for a safer work environment, and improves vision for out of position welds.

Better Vision While Welding 

The new ClearLight™ Lens Technology optimizes contrast and clarity in welding and light states so that welders can enjoy focus and precision while they work. The 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating enables welders to keep their helmets down in between welds for better productivity and safety since the lens will adapt to a lighter light state while not welding. 

Colors will appear with true clarity and sharpness while welding or taking breaks in between welds with the ClearLight Lens Technology, offering a significant upgrade compared to previous models. 

Miller’s Superior Welding Safety 

Miller’s top of the line welding helmets have always offered some of the best and fastest shade protection in the market. There are four arc sensors and four modes for customized protection, switching between weld, cut, grind, and X-Mode for out of position welds or low amperage projects. 

Welding with Comfort and Minimal Neck Stain

Miller’s oversized headgear is designed to be fully adjustable for improved comfort and superior cushion. Paired with the 23 oz weight of the Digital Infinity Welding Helmet, welders will have significantly less fatigue and neck strain while working. 

Better Welding Helmet Technology

Miller’s Digital Infinity welding helmet provides advanced features such as InfoTrack™ technology. This makes it a snap to keep track of arc time, to set alarms or timers, and to quickly access help in a multi-language menu. Digital controls make it easy to precisely adjust the shade, delay, and sensitivity of the helmet viewing area. 

Miller's Elite is our number one selling Miller helmet. This is because it has a large viewing area and is super light! Great for if you are welding all day. Also still has that digital interface, upgraded headgear and ClearLight lens technology.

Helmet Promos

Baker’s Gas and Welding has promotions on a variety of Miller Electric welders and welding accessories. The Digital Infinity Helmet, which is Miller’s premium welding helmet for professionals and serious hobby welders, is marked down by $100 as of this writing, providing unmatched value for welders seeking the best in welding safety. Plus check out the Baker's Bundle on the Miller helmets for a value deal on consumables. 

Military and First responders we have partnered with Miller to exclusively offer a Military Discount program. Save 10% on Miller helmets when you verify with ID.me. 

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To learn more watch our YouTube video that talks more about the ClearLight technology!

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