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What is Miller Pro-Set and What Does it Do?

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Miller Electric has made TIG welding even easier with their Pro-Set feature. Pro-Set is a feature found on most Miller TIG welders like the Dynasty, Syncrowave, and some Maxstar models. 

What is Pro-Set?

Pro-Set is an easy way to find your "baseline" when putting in parameters for a TIG weld. When adjusting the balance, frequency, or pulse control, Miller Pro-Set will give you the factory baseline of parameters determined by their weld technicians.  This allows you to get the parameters to a weldable condition, eliminating the guessing game and saving you time. You know you are within the pro set parameters when the machine flashes "pro" as seen in the video below.

Our Favorite Pro-Set Welders

Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Multiprocess - 907757

Multimatic 220

Our best selling welding machine. The Multimatic 220 can accomplish most jobs that you throw at it. With advanced MIG and TIG features as well as AC/DC capability the Multimatic 220 can be hard to ignore. 

Miller Dynasty 300 AC/DC Multiprocess - 907819

Dynasty 300

For those that need a serious TIG machine. The all new Dynasty 300 will keep you welding all day. This machine is packed with packed with TIG features (pro set included) and it extremely adjustable so you can dial in the perfect weld. Check out the product page for all the details!

Miller Syncrowave 210 TIG/Stick Package - 907596
Syncrowave 210
The Syncrowave 210 is ideal for the serious TIG welder that also needs the ability to MIG or Stick. This machine can create some really fantastic TIG welds while also being able to MIG various materials and even use 6010 electrode on the stick application. 
Read our blog post on Miller Auto-Set next to learn about Miller's most popular features.
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