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What is Miller Auto-Set and What Does it Do?

Auto Set on Miller 255

Miller Electric has been steadily making improvements and adding new features to their welders. One of the most popular features on Miller MIG welders is the Auto Set feature. Keep reading below to learn about Auto-Set and how it can save you time.

What is Auto Set?

Auto-Set is a feature designed to save welders time that comes with the added benefit of helping new welders find the correct parameters. There are only two input variables to getting Auto-Set up and running.

  1. The diameter of the wire being used
  2. The thickness of the material being welded

Take a look at the picture below showing an Auto Set machine set up to weld 1/4' inch material with .035 welding wire.

Millermatic 211i Auto-Set

 As you can see, it is very easy to set up so even a beginner could get an Auto Set machine up and running. Auto-Set isn't only useful for a new welder, it can also help save an experienced welder time. If you run into an odd job or something you are unfamiliar with, Auto Set will at least get you in the right ballpark to do the fine tuning.

Auto-Set Elite

Auto-Set Elite is basically the normal auto set with another parameter added in. With an Auto-Set Elite welder you need to input the gas & material being used, the wire diameter, and the thickness of the material being welded. This allows Miller Auto-Set to find the perfect parameters for what you are welding, so you get a clean weld every time.

Our Favorite Auto-Set Welders

 Auto-Set is a feature that can be found at many price points in Miller's lineup. The following are some of our best selling Auto-Set machines.

Miller Millermatic 211 MIG Welder w/ Advanced Auto Set - 907614

Millermatic 211

Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder - 907693

Millermatic 215

Miller Multimatic 235 Multiprocess Welder - 907780

 Millermatic 235

Take a look at the screenshot below to see all of the Miller machines that offer the Auto-Set feature.

Miller autp set products screenshot

If you have any questions about Auto-Set or any Miller welder. Give our support team a call at 877-930-5690. Or send us an email at support@bakersgas.com.

Evan H.


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