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Welding Scholarships: How To Get A Free Ride Through Welding School

Welding Scholarships: How To Get A Free Ride Through Welding School

any articles in the “Weekly Roundup” have featured the growing demand for welders. Now, it’s time for you take the next necessary step to turn your welding hobby into a career: graduate from a welding program.

Welding programs differ in completion time, courses available and such, but they all require a fee of some kind. Quality education isn’t free (usually). To help you with tuition, supplies, books and other costs, here are some ways you earn a free ride through welding school.


Welding Scholarships

The American Welding Society offers financial aid through the AWS District Scholarship Program. The program covers the cost of books, supplies, tuition, and other related costs paid directly to your school.


What are the requirements?

Be a high school graduate or have a GED equivalent

Be a student enrolled in a welding-relation program (educational or training) in the United States or its territories


How do I apply?

 Apply online via


When can I apply?

March 1st is the deadline for receiving applications at the Foundation office, but you can apply any time. Scholarships are given from May to June for the coming fall term.




Welding Grants

Because of the Workforce Development Act, states receive federal funding to help build up the workforce in their area – and in many states welding is a field with with a workforce shortage.

To apply for a welding grant from your state:

Through a county or state office, contact the Workforce Development Center

Get registered with your state office

Speak with a specialist at the county or state office about the grants available and how to proceed with applying.



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