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The New Miller Bobcat 265 - The Legend Redefined

Bobcat 265 On Truck

The Miller Bobcat 260 was an extremely popular engine drive. The all new Bobcat 265 improves on that in every aspect. The Bobcat 265 is smaller, lighter, and easier to use, while still packing the power. Read more below to learn about Miller Electric's newest engine driven welder.

Bobcat 265 Physical Design 

The new Bobcat 265 is 13% smaller than the previous generation and is over 100 pounds lighter than the outgoing model. This makes it easier to mount on trucks and the weight will help with fuel costs.

Another obvious change on the outside of the machine is the new digital interface. This screen makes it easier to adjust your weld parameters as well as show predictive maintenance information. This screen is tough and not touch-sensitive, so it won't break easily like your phone screen.

The final change on the outside is the battery charge/crank assist. One of the Bobcat 265 models has a plug that allows you to hook up positive and negative cables to charge batteries. 

Miller Bobcat 265

265 Performance & Feature Upgrades

Smooth Stick Performance - The new Miller Bobcat 265 delivers unrivaled performance when running electrodes like 7018 and 6010.

Full Auxiliary Power - The Auxiliary power and welding power are independent of each other. Ensuring full power for your tools at all times and eliminating power spikes while welding.

Remote Start/Stop - Lower fuel costs and noise levels with the ability to turn the machine on and off remotely. 

Direct Spool Gun Connection - No longer need a weld control to start welding with a spool gun.

Arcreach Technology - Allows you to change the parameters at the weld joint, eliminating the need to return to the machine. Available on the 907826001 Bobcat model. This used to be something only found on Trailblazers. 

Auto Set Technology- If you are familiar with other Miller machines you have seen this function before. Basically, the machine will give you the recommended parameters after entering the material and thickness. This ensures no matter the skill level of the operator with no effort your machine suggests optimal weld settings. 

Bobcat 265 Packages 

There are five different models of the Bobcat 265 that are being released. They are listed below.

907826 - Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles and remote start/stop.

907826001 - Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles, remote start/stop and ArcReach

907826002 - Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles, remote start/stop and battery charge/crank assist

907826003 - Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles, electric fuel pump and remote start/stop

907827 - LP powered Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles

Miller also just released the Bobcat 230 Welder. Take a look at our blog post here.

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Bobcat 230 vs. Bobcat 265

The Bobcat 230 is capable of Stick and MIG welding whereas the Bobcat 265 can do MIG, TIG, Stick, and gouging. The Bobcat 265 also has Auto-set and a direct connection for a spool gun, and the Bobcat 230 does not.

The Bobcat 230 has one adjustment knob. The Bobcat 265, on the other hand, has a screen that displays more information and can be adjusted. Standard on the Bobcat 265 is the remote start/stop and the Bobcat 230 does not offer remote start/stop. The Bobcat 265 also has optional Battery Charge/Crank Assist, Optional Arcreach, and an optional LP model.

When it comes to power the Bobcat 230 gets up to 230 amps at 29 volts, at 100% duty cycle. The Bobcat 265 can reach 265 amps at 28 volts, which is impressive and should not be underestimated. See the Miller comparison sheet here for more information.

Learn more about the Bobcat 230 by reading our blog post and see which one is right for you!

Overall the new generation of Bobcats is a significant step up from what was previously offered. All while remaining in the same price range. Bakers will have a full video review soon so stay tuned!

If you have any questions reach out to us at support@bakersgas.com or call us at 877-930-5690. New YouTube video coming soon let us know in the comments what you would like to see! 

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