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How welding videos on TikTok are generating a massive audience

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What does welding have to do with TikTok?

TikTok is like any other social media, except the main feature of the app is the ability to share short videos with the world. Usually TikTok is thought of as an app for young people that is full of dancing and singing videos; in reality, this is not the case. If you take a look, #Welding has started to generate massive amounts of views on the platform to the tune of 5.6 billion views on that hashtag alone. That is one of many hashtags used by welders on TikTok making it easier to find welding videos specifically. Some other hashtags that are used are #welder, #tigwelding, #fabrication and so on.

What welding videos are going viral?

The first type of videos that have gone viral are welders showing off their work. If you take a look below you'll see what we are talking about. This video alone has 11.2 million views and counting, along with 1.6 million likes and 9000+ comments. 


@layingbeads Reply to @timothywilliams78 400k? Hit that follow 💯🔥#welding #400k #follow #artist #craft ♬ original sound - 🇵🇸


Not all of the videos are showing off talent. There are some videos that have taken another road. Another common theme for viral welding videos on TikTok is showing off some not-so-successful welds from job candidates. This first video by arc labs welding school shows a student's weld not being up to spec on a bend test. Sounds like something people on TikTok would not care about? You'd be wrong because that video has nearly 200,000 views and counting. That page has actually created a series of potential job candidates putting their welds through the bend test. Another humorous example of this is a video showing a job candidate's work and his requested wage compared to his potential boss's work with the same welder. 


@ser_gibil ♬ original sound - FubarWelds


Finally, the last type of videos that are going viral is the artwork that welders create. This is a world of welding that is not well known but with TikTok, it has been brought to light. This first video shows the progression of a welding artist and how they were able to create some stunning pieces of artwork. There are too many examples of welding art to show them all but there are certainly some crazy ones. This video falls into that category of crazy welding art. If you watch it you will see massive metal dragons and dinosaurs with high levels of detail being sculpted and welded together. 


@metalsculptorkevinstone Dragon and Dinosaurs #follow #duet #welding #foryoupage #trending #art #welder #drogon#artoftiktok ♬ Astronaut In The Ocean - Masked Wolf


What does all of this mean?

The prevalence and viral hits of welding on TikTok might not seem like it means anything, but I would disagree with that statement. To start, it is great that welding is getting this kind of exposure. Being that TikTok is used mostly by the younger generation these videos are exposing young people to the world of welding, something they might not have ever seen without TikTok. Watching welding videos like this has the potential to inspire youth to see what welding has to offer. On top of this, there are many videos educating people on welding techniques or a video like this, where someone explains how welding is used almost everywhere.

All of these video examples shown are just ordinary people showing off what they can do with a welder. So what is stopping you from creating a video of your own? You could potentially strike gold with the welding community on TikTok and have the opportunity to show them what you can do. Or you could even help educate the younger generation on welding and everything associated with it. If you do decide to post, be sure to tag @bakersgas and show us what you've got! If you place an order with us and send an unboxing video, you could be featured on our page. Shop our best sellers here.


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