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Ready to Weld e3000X PAPR Combinations by Optrel

Optrel Crystal 2.0 PAPR Details and Sale
The Optrel e3000X PAPR has changed the game for respiratory protection! This PAPR offers the highest level of filtration and a crisp welding view through the Crystal 2.0, Panoramaxx or one of the other premium Optrel "Fresh-Air" welding helmets. A crystal clear view and breathing air up to 500x cleaner makes this combo worth checking out. Video below shows the package up close and also how to set up to use.
The goal of a powered purified air respirator (PAPR) is to allow a user to work in environments where the air is not clean enough to breathe. Protection such as the Optrel Crystal 2.0 with the e3000x PAPR system makes welding possible in some unique and challenging environments. This system was designed with the end user in mind to create the most innovative PAPR / Welding Helmet combo on the market. Below we will break down what puts it head and shoulders above the rest. 

Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet

The view through an Optrel Crystal 2.0 is like no other welding helmet. The 2.0 light state and world-record-breaking brightness level create best-in-class view of your welds. The clarity is just one of the many differentiating features on this hood. One of our favorite features is the "Autopilot" setting, which is where the helmet automatically adapts to the user's light conditions going from shade 4 to shade 12. Outside of that it has all of what you would expect from a premium helmet; grind mode, heat reflective paint, easy to change consumables, comfortable headgear, and 3 year manufacturer warranty. 

We go over all of the details and break down why this is the best helmet in our YouTube review so be sure to check that out! 

e3000X PAPR System

The Optrel e3000X PAPR system gives you reliable protection from particles such as smoke, aerosols and dust. This is the most efficient, powerful and advanced system on the market for air-filtration solutions. Optrel managed to make the design smaller, increase air flow per minute and battery last longer. 

It is TH3 certified which makes this the best respiratory protection on the market. In addition, the NIOSH approval and optional OV gas filter insert provide maximum safety (A1 B1 E1 Gases). The air flow is adjustable with the PAPR offering 3 different flow-speeds. Designed to keep the user comfortable, super lightweight and (optional) ergonomic shoulder straps and belt are both adjustable to many body types. 

The e3000X battery life is the longest in the industry at 18 hours so you can get through the day safely! The PAPR does have a low battery light with an auditory indicator to let the user when they are running low on battery. Every package includes a charger for the battery packs.

Simply the best protection and easy to operate. As you seen in the above video, we can turn it on with our hands behind our back. It has very simple buttons/options with no complex settings. The touch of a button will get you 240 liters of clean breathing air per minute, automatic air flow control and calibration. When you aren't using the helmet, you can safely clip it on your included "parking buddy" (clip on the belt) to prevent contaminates from getting inside the helmet by setting it on a contaminated surface.  


The Spark protector is included with the "Ready-to-Weld" package and can be removed if in a non-welding environment (hospital, dental office, chiropractic, etc). There is a pre-filter also included to keep out any large airborne particles. The TH3 Master filter is next which filters 99.8% of particles and can easily be replaced. Optional mountain breeze OV filter takes the odor out of the air to keep the user from smelling any chemicals or toxic odors. 

The newest edition is the A1B1E1 Gas filter! More to come on this in a future post! 

Filters out 99.8% of the respirable particles and 100% of pollution, such as the following:

  • aluminum oxide
  • iron oxide
  • magnesium oxide
  • barium compounds
  • lead oxide
  • fluorides
  • copper oxide
  • manganese oxides
  • molybdenum oxide
  • vanadium pentoxide
  • chrome (III) compounds
  • chrome (IV) compounds
  • zinc oxide
  • titanium oxide
  • nickel oxide
  • cobalt oxide
  • cadmium oxide
  • beryllium oxide

This includes infectious viruses transmitted through air (e.g. droplet infection).

e3000x PAPR system

Crystal 2.0 with e3000X PAPR

You will get clear views of your welds and safety from any harmful particulates. This ready to weld package with the Crystal 2.0 is in stock and ready to ship!  Safety is the priority and this solution protects the users face, eyes and lungs from any harmful contaminants in the work environment. 


Unlike any other PAPR system Optrel has designed the e3000X to work with several face protection combinations! Packages linked below are ready to weld or work. You can purchase the parts separately as well.


Is the Optrel e3000X PAPR systems worth the price? We think yes, when it comes to eye protection and safety this is top of the line. We trust the folks over at Optrel to keep designing the most innovative products which allow you working and not have your health and safety at risk.

If you need a custom quote or if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us or give us a call. Always free shipping on orders over $50!

Shop all Optrel e3000X and Fresh-Air helmet options

The video shown below is the same e3000X PAPR setup but with Clearmaxx face shield/grinding helmet. 

Marta L.


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Hi, you have great post regarding welding helmets. I am newbie and bought opteral 2.0 and now my welding yard is sparking with arcs and flashes!!


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