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Miller MDX MIG Guns on Sale

Miller MDX MIG Guns on Sale

The MDX MIG guns are becoming standard for Miller MIG welders sold through Baker’s Gas and Welding. These air-cooled, ergonomic MIG guns also work for Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P) and Flux-cored (FCAW) and are ideal for auto body repair, maintenance and repair, fabrication, industrial fabrication work, and any home welding projects. Here’s what you can expect from the MDX series:

Miller MDX Series Benefits

Advantages of MDX MIG Guns

Minimize Fatigue While Welding: If you’re welding all day, the overmolding offers a simple, durable grip that is easy to hold onto. The rear swivel minimizes your movements and makes it easier to get your welding job done.

Better MIG Wire Feeding: The AccuLock wire feeding feature offers a reliable and secure front-loading liner that is centered and locked at both ends of the gun. Wires run seamlessly from roll to tip. There’s also no measuring required to replace the liner trimming, ensuring accuracy and a reduction in common MIG gun headaches, such as: burnbacks, bird nests, and an erratic arc.

Better Pulse Welding Performance: Not every MIG torch can promise improved pulse welding, but the MDX-250 and MDX-250 EZ-Select have more copper in the gun cable to provide a reliable performance with CV and pulse waveforms.

Consumables will Last Longer: Since the AccuLock contact tip tapered for a snug fit along the gas diffuser lock tips, you’ll have strong electrical conductivity. The results in longer tip life while welding and saves you on buying consumables over the life of the MIG welding gun. There are AccuLock MDX series and Acculock S Series. Upgrade to the S Series on the MDX-250 only for longer life in industrial applications. 

Convenient Trigger Configuration: The trigger program select on the MDX-250 EZ-Select makes it possible to choose between four welding programs by simply tapping the MIG gun trigger. Not sure that you tapped the gun right? The LED lights on the handle will indicate which program your torch is set to use.

AccuLock Consumables: The MDX MIG gun uses the highly functional and easy to use Miller AccuLock MDX Series, making it a breeze to feed wire and to swap out consumables. However, there are other options available to users of select MDX torches that may prove even more beneficial…

MDX-250/MDX-250 EZ-Select MIG guns and Bernard MIG guns are both compatible with the S Series Miller consumables that offer several advantages, including increased durability and longer life for industrial jobs. However, if you have several types of MIG guns on hand, switching to one kind of consumable that works on them all saves a lot of headaches when it comes to managing inventory.

Miller Welders that Use the MDX MIG Gun Series

There are various models of the MDX series, and each is compatible with specific Miller Electric Welders. Here is a breakdown of which machine goes with each torch:

Learn More about Miller MDX MIG Guns

Visit Baker’s Gas and Welding today to learn more about the Miller MDX MIG guns that promise to make your welding more efficient, your hands more comfortable, and your maintenance much easier. Ask our online staff questions and check out the savings on each gun, over $80 in some cases. Click here to learn more about the Miller MDX MIG guns and consumables.

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