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Miller Bobcat 230 vs. Bobcat 265

Miller Bobcat 230 vs 265

The Miller Bobcat 230 and Bobcat 265 are both new to the market, replacing the previous generation. Both have been reduced in size by 13% and over 100 pounds as well as improvements with power delivery. 

On The Outside

Both machines are sit within the same frame so on the outside they are the same size. The most notable difference is that the 230 has a single knob on the front for all of your controls while the 265 has a large screen with buttons and control knob. Also, the 265 is about 40 pounds heavier than the 230. 


On the generator side of things the 230 and 265 provide the same power of 11,000 peak watts and a continuous rating of 9500 watts. They both have two 240v and two 120v GFCI outlets on the front of the machine. The 265 tops out at 265 amps of output while the 230 tops out at 230 amps so the largest difference comes down to the welding output. 


The Bobcat 230 has a manual choke but the 265 has an electronic choke so startup is a bit easier. If you have an Arcreach feeder or need Arcreach capabilities, the Bobcat 265 is your only option. The Bobcat 230 does not have Arcreach capabilities. With the screen on the 265 there is a maintenance menu that shows the life of filters, engine oil, and spark plugs. The Bobcat 230 has a small digital screen that has a maintenance indicator. The 265 also has Autoset for your weld parameters but the 230 does not. If you want remote start capabilities the Bobcat 265 has it but the Bobcat 235 does not. The last big difference between the two machines is that the Bobcat 265 has a direct spool gun connection and the Bobcat 230 does not.

The Bobcat 230 only has one part number for the model but the Bobcat 265 has five different models to meet various different needs.

907826 - Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles and remote start/stop. The base Bobcat 265 model.

907826001 - Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles, remote start/stop and ArcReach. This Bobcat model has Arcreach so if you have an Arcreach feeder you will be using this is the one for you.

907826002 - Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles, remote start/stop and battery charge/crank assist. This Bobcat is ideal for someone managing a fleet of trucks.

907826003 - Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles, electric fuel pump and remote start/stop. The electric fuel pump helps the engine to start at elevation.

907827 - LP powered Kohler engine with GFCI receptacles. Ideal for work places that are not well ventilated or job sites that require LP engines.

Read our blog post about the Bobcat 265 here, or watch the Youtube video below.

The Bobcat 265 overall is an improvement over the Bobcat 230 when it comes to features and power. The 265 will be an easier machine to use while having more features at the same time. If you are working in an enclosed area or at a jobsite where LP gas is all that can be used then the LP Bobcat 265 is perfect, the Bobcat 230 does not have an LP option. If you need solid mobile generator power and the ability to just stick weld under 230 amps then the 230 is the obvious option. If you need multiprocess or Arcreach capabilities and need to weld over 230 amps then the 265 would be the option for you. Watch our Youtube videos on either machine for more details and to see which one is the right fit for you. If you have any questions or want another opinion reach out to our support team. Support can be reached by email at support@bakersgas.com or by calling 877-930-5690. 

Evan H.

Regular price $9,500.00 USD
Sale price $9,500.00 USD
Regular price $10,971.83 USD
Miller Bobcat 230 3 Phase w/ GFCI (Kohler) - 907842
Regular price $7,300.00 USD
Sale price $7,300.00 USD
Regular price $9,254.00 USD
Miller Bobcat 265 Base w/ Remote Start/Stop - 907826
Regular price $7,500.00 USD
Sale price $7,500.00 USD
Regular price $9,507.04 USD
Miller Bobcat 265 w/ ArcReach & Remote Start/Stop - 907826001

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