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Miller 220 vs ESAB 205 - The Infamous Blue vs Yellow

Miller Multimatic 220 vs ESAB Rebel 205ic

Here at Baker's we want your purchasing experience to be as easy as possible! When it comes down to two great machines like the Miller 220 and Rebel 205 it can be difficult to choose. In this blog we talk about what we think are the key features that set these two apart. 

Ease of Use

Out of the box the Miller 220 is much more simplistic. If you are a first time welder, the Miller will fit like a glove. Simply being able to switch processes by the tap of a foot pedal or MIG gun is flawless on the Miller. Matched up with the Auto-Set MIG feature, setup setup has never been easier. Navigating through the ESAB 205ic can be a bit more difficult at first, however you get more options and significantly more adjustability in AC TIG. Like Miller's Auto-Set feature, ESAB has Smart MIG or "sMIG" where settings are determined by the type of metal, thickness and wire you are using. What is different about the ESAB feature is that it will automatically adapt and alter the settings based on things like your travel speed and angle. The claim to fame on the smart MIG is repeatable good welds with little set up time. (The Miller Auto-Set is based on Miller pre determined parameters and you can manually adjust based on your preference) 

Miller 220 is super easy to use

Power & Precision

Each of these welders come with 120V or 230V plug ins for great mobility. Both welders also can weld up to 3/8" thick material. So if you are looking to do thicker materials up to 3/8", you cannot go wrong with either or. However, you are looking to get really precise with your bead or do thinner material, the Rebel 205ic will be the one for you. While they both offer DC Pulse TIG, the Rebel offers more adjustability in AC TIG than the Miller. When it comes to thin aluminum, it can be really easy to burn through and waste your weld. With the ESAB they make it easier to avoid that with a wider range of adjustment. 

Miller on the other hand is more user-friendly and out of the box easier to own. 

ESAB Rebel 205ic is precise


ESAB and Miller both back their machines with a 3-year warranty on parts & labor for any factory defects. What sets ESAB aside from Miller though would be their Iron Clad Pledge which stands behind their machine 100%. If you do not like it within the first 90 days you can send it back to ESAB for store credit with Baker's to put towards a different machine, no other brand has this confidence. If your machine is dead on arrival (extremely rare) ESAB will replace it right away while Miller has you take it to a service center for warranty repair. This speaks to the number of service centers and ability to repair Miller units and is both a postive and a negative. A big positive is that Miller assembles their machines in Appleton, WI. (ESAB Rebels are currently made in India and previously China)  


When it comes to being robust and durable, ESAB takes the cake. IP23 rated, which means it can take a little drizzle of water out on the job site and you will not have to worry. The Rebel 205ic features a superior design, and 5 handle roll cage to protect from falls. This machine can tackle jobs around the shop or out on the job site without a problem! 

The Miller 220 has not had any quality or durability issues with the machine or screen. 


Generally speaking, you cannot go wrong with either of these machines. Before purchasing ask yourself what matters to you, adjustability, ease of use, warranty? If any of your questions did not get answered please feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you make a decision based on your needs and application. 

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