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How to Prevent Heat Stress While Welding

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Today’s guest post is by Bill Gardner of Miller Electric:
With summer approaching, heat is on the rise. As a welder, intense heat can be irritating, but the effects of heat stress can also greatly impact productivity, the ability to concentrate, quality of work, and safety.
Recommends various ways to reduce heat exposure and the risk of heat-related illnesses, including engineering controls like air conditioning and ventilation; work practices like water breaks, rest cycles and heat-tolerance build up; employee training and awareness. The proper selection of PPE also plays a crucial role in preventing the adverse side effects of heat stress. The very nature of welding adds heat to an already warm environment, but the right PPE can improve a welder’s performance by lowering the risks of heat stress.

Miller’s CoolBelt

Miller CoolBelt
The Miller CoolBelt addresses two of the most common causes of heat stress – high heat and limited airflow. The Miller CoolBelt system lowers temperatures under the welding hood by 17 degrees! Heat cause extra stress and potential heat exhaustion on the job. The CoolBelt provides air movement to keep welders going all day even on hot days!

Constant Airflow

Reduces temperatures under the hood by up to 17 degrees. Adjustable air deflector provides operator the ability to adjust direction and speed of the airflow. The constant air movement eliminates stagnant air and keeps the user cool and reduces fogging significantly. LED button visually shows air flow speed and battery status.

Rechargeable Battery

Delivers long lasting cooling solution of about 6 hours. Rechargeable lithium battery included with charger. We suggest having a spare for quick swap out and constant cooling.

Lightweight Design

Belt mounted cooling system that does not compromise comfort. Weighs less than 2 pounds with the majority of the weight located on the belt and not on the head. Swivel hose connection with quick disconnect increases maneuverability and does not slow down productivity.


Designed to work with your Miller Electric helmet! Specifically Digital Infinity, Digital Elite, Digital Performance, Pro-Hobby, MP-10 and Titanium.

William Fries, a welder with Xtreme Fabrication in Kentucky, summed up the CoolBelts impact when working on an outdoor project in 90 degree heat, “The fact that you have air movement across your face makes all the difference in being able to get the job done.”

About Today’s Guest Blogger

Bill Gardner is the Business Development Manager/Welding Safety at Miller Electric Mfg. Co. He has worked at Miller for 23 years, and has an extensive background in welding protection.

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