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Halloween and Fall Welding Projects

Fall is here, and the pumpkins and hay bales gracing the front porches of your town may have you in the mood to carve up a jack o’ lantern of your own. Why not weld one, or something like it? For welders of all skill levels, fall is another occasion to put their welding creativity to work. This is why, here at Bakers, our employees and writers have created several spooky and festive welding project ideas which will inspire you to create something seasonal and fun.


Spider web welding project by a Baker’s Gas employee.

Take a look at these 4 welding project ideas that are all about Halloween and Fall!

Spider Web Welding Project


This project used some old 1/8” 316L stainless TIG rod for the whole project. It is relatively lightweight yet strong. Cut 4 equal lengths of TIG rod and tack the outside 2 at a 90 degree. Then tack the inside two at equal spacing. Cut shorter pieces and bent in my vice until I liked the look, measured to ensure equal spacing and tacked into place.

3Cutting the TIG rod with a pair of vice grips, you can use the vice grips because they work faster and cut easier than with a grinder. Hand bend the last few pieces into place.

Skeleton Hand Welding Project


This skeleton hand welding project is just about as easy as it gets for a welding project. If you have a bunch of nuts and bolts around in your shop, you can arrange them in any design you like and then weld them together. This particular design was welded together using a Millermatic 211 and .030 70S-6 MIG Wire.

Plasma Cutter Pumpkins Welding Project

If you’ve got a plasma cutter, then Halloween projects are easy as pie… pumpkin pie of course. As your family gets ready to carve pumpkins, you can carve one of your own using an old propane tank. Start by cleaning and emptying it thoroughly to minimize risk, then cut the top off so you have a place to put your candle or light. Use your plasma cutter to make a face on your “pumpkin” and finish off by grinding down sharp edges or spray painting it orange, of course.

Corrugated Metal Ghosts Welding Project

Add some spooky to your front yard with these easy and amazing scrap metal ghosts. Cut corrugated metal in the shape of a ghost and then use your plasma cutter to give them spooky faces. These are ideal in sets of three and look best when spray painted white before calling them done. It’s best to grind down the edges to make them safe for curious trick or treaters. As a side note, these have proven extremely popular in boo-tiques and could easily net you a little extra holiday income.

We hope we’ve inspired you to use your welding skills to give your family and friends a more festive fall. You never know where your welding skills may come in handy. One Dad we know actually welded a portion of his Dracula costume when he was a kid!

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