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Take a look at these trending Halloween themed welding projects

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 Halloween is right around the corner so that means it is time to start decorating. Instead of using the traditional store bought Halloween decorations, test your welding skills and try one of these projects out yourself!

Propane Tank Decoration 

@norseforged on TikTok shows us how he cut a propane tank to look like a pumpkin. Once you make sure your tank is depressurized, all you need is an Acetylene torch or plasma cutter and you are ready to go. 


@norseforged #OneSliceChallenge #halloween #welder #nightmarebeforechristmas ♬ This Is Halloween - izzy reign


Metal Shadow Cutout

@js.metalfabrication on TikTok shows off his Chucky metal cutout. This could be done with an Acetylene torch or plasma cutter. Then all you need is a stake and a light to shine, and you have one scary Halloween decoration. 


@js.metalfabrication Chucky Metal Stakes ready for Halloween! 🔪 #metalart #halloweendecor #yarddecor #chucky #scary #fyp #viral #weldinglife ♬ original sound - J’s Metal Fabrication

 Halloween Artwork

This last project is one that most people wold not want to attempt. These pieces look like they took time and hard work to pull off. Check out @isaacmakes on TikTok to see what else he is making. 


@isaacmakes What’s next for Halloween? #DidYouYawn #weld #fyp #fypシ #welding #welder #artistatiktok #FlexEveryAngle #halloween #pumpkin #artist #fire #weldcorn #diyhalloween #diy ♬ God of Fire (feat. Jake Luhrs) - August Burns Red & Fit For A King

 Rebar Spider Pumpkin Holder

Make Build Modify on Youtube has made a fantastic video on this Halloween themed welding project. The video goes step by step so if you are learning, this could be very helpful.

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