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Father’s Day Deals

Father’s Day Deals

Father’s work hard and we want to celebrate that! Here at Baker’s we have a ton of gift ideas for your dad…or yourself! 

Welders working on home welding projects or those who work in the welding industry on the day to day, upgrading your helmet is worth it! New technology has made the view of the weld clearer than ever before! Check out our video that goes over the top helmets on the market today. Ranging from $150 – $400 we explain the differences! 


The Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet has a wide viewing area and 1/1/1/1 optical clarity. This helmet is a very popular hood here at Bakers. Take a look at all the helmets Lincoln has to offer here.

If you are looking to be the son or daughter of the year, pair this helmet with the Baker’s Bundle and you will set dad up for success. The bundle includes all of the helmet consumables he will need at a discounted price!

Miller Elite and Infinity helmets have been a favorite of Baker’s for a while. The digital interface and X-Mode push us toward Miller. We have access to all helmets and our welding tech and engineer choose Miller. Why? Because of the reliability, comfort and confidence we have in them. They are competitively priced and have all of the things you need and want in a helmet.


If dad already has an updated helmet how is his gear looking? Deck dad out with a new welding jacket, gloves and welding beanie! 

Protecting your clothes and body from the heat and sparks is critical. It is sometimes skipped because people assume it will be hot or uncomfortable. (Can not be any worse than holes in your favorite sweatshirt or a burn on your arms, but what do we know.) 

We suggest the Black Stallion stretch jacket. It is made out of 9oz navy FR cotton and has breathable material in the back that keeps you cool and able to move freely. For gloves, there are a ton of great options but if you are looking to get dad a great upgrade without breaking the bank we have 2 favorites. The first is the Tigster by Black Stallion. If dad is TIG welding, or trying to get into TIG welding he needs this glove. Another favorite is the Mighty MIG. This MIG glove is super comfortable and gives you just the right amount of dexterity for picking up that gun and welding!

When it comes to welding beanies you can go wild or stay conservative. The safe and practical option is All American Welding Cap by Lincoln Electric. You do not have to worry about sizing and can’t go wrong with the stars and stripes look. If you know dad is a little on the wild side and you can get his head measurements check out the Comeaux reversible caps! Keep in mind they are reversible and come in an assortment of colors and graphics.


If you are going BIG this year we have some great deals for you! If you are looking to get a multi-process welder the Miller 220 and ESAB 205 are the hottest machines on the market! Both offer AC TIG capability making them a true multiprocess machine. Plan on spending about $4,000, but Baker’s has some great incentives to get you the most bang for your buck.

The Miller 220 is super easy to use and has some great features that set it apart. One selling point is that you can keep the machine set up for MIG and TIG and switch by just tapping the foot pedal or trigger on the MIG gun. This makes fully utilizing this machine fast and efficient. Package comes with everything you need to weld including two regulators. If you want to weld out of box add the Baker’s bundle and we set you up with the consumables needed.

ESAB has been making waves in this space the last few years and the hype for the 205 is real. This machine has been on backorder for a while and at the time of writing this post we do have it in stock. The Rebel 205 can AC TIG and has the popular smart MIG you may have heard about or seen on TV. Smart MIG is adaptive technology to provide consistent repeatable welds. This helps both the most experienced or novice welders produce quality welds over and over.


No matter what you choose it is the thought that counts! We have you covered with our free shipping on orders $50 or more! Also check out our states that have a 2 day ship point! We appreciate you shopping with a local business! If you need help or have questions feel free to call or chat with us. 

Ed Cyzewski


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