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Double Your Savings on the Miller Trailblazer 325

Trailblazer 325 Spec Sheet


Trailblazer 325 Application photo
The Miller TrailBlazer 325

When you need clean, reliable portable power that packs a punch and delivers a smooth and steady arc, the Miller TrailBlazer is right at the top of your choices. Using Miller’s patented Auto-Speed technology, the TrailBlazer delivers unbeatable runtimes and arc performance while conserving fuel and running efficiently. 

Weld with a full range of stick, MIG, and DC TIG processes on the Trailblazer.

The Trailblazer’s 25-horsepower engine delivers an Accu-Rated 12,000 watts of clean generator power. You’ll be able to weld at peak output at a minimum of 30 seconds. This isn’t just a small time generator for the job site. 

This compact machine in the 300-amp class of generators is also 17% smaller and 10% lighter than previous models for improved portability at the job site. You’ll also notice that this machine runs quieter and comes with the Electronic fuel injection (EFI) option that can conserve fuel up to 42%. That means more time on the job and less time running around for fuel so you can get jobs done faster. 

If you’re running the machine on idle, you can still get the job done. Miller’s Excel power even offers a full 2,400 watts (20 A) of 120-volt inverter-based, pure sine wave power at all speeds. 

That’s just a glimpse of the wide range of features offered by this powerful welder/generator. 

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The Miller Spectrum 375

If you’ve got a new generator in your truck, then you may want to pick up a plasma cutter that’s powerful enough to slice through  anything in your way at the job site. Consider the power, portability, and convenience of the Miller Spectrum plasma cutter as a kind of insurance that ensures you’ll never get stuck with anything you can’t slice apart. 

The Spectrum offers versatile 115/230 power, 50/60 Hz and runs perfectly on a generator. It only weighs 19 pounds and is easily hauled around with a shoulder strap. 

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Miller Spoolmatic 30A Weld Gun

The latest Miller Spoolmatic weld gun is a heavy-duty industrial level add-on for welding aluminum and other soft alloys. You’ll have the option of pulsed MIG with a pulsing power source and can weld with a 100% duty cycle. 

Weld more efficiently with the wire feed speed adjustment right on the gun handle and the reversible drive rolls. Contact tips are easy to replace with a single turn. The built-in gas valve also allows for gas preflow so that you won’t have to purge long gas lines. 

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