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What is the best welding PAPR with Hard Hat?

PAPR application

Hard Hat welding PAPR systems are required across many industries and job sites. A PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system is used in any work environment where harmful airborne contaminants are present. Most people will only need a PAPR system for respiratory protection, however; there are certain scenarios where respiratory protection and protection from head injury are necessary. 

OSHA requires a hard hat to be worn on any job site where there is a possible danger of head injury from impact, falling or flying objects, or electrical shock and burns. If you find yourself on a job site where there is risk of airborne contaminants and risk of head injury, the PAPR systems below will fit your needs. Until recently the offerings in this category were limited. 

Miller PAPR 2 Hard Hat w/T94iH-R

PAPR 2 full package

The Miller PAPR 2 Hard Hat complete package is the newest Hard Hat PAPR to hit the market. This PAPR system has an integrated hard hat and grind shield yet still manages to only weigh 3 pounds. Cut down on downtime due to the incredible battery life on this system. The battery lasts 8-10 hours depending on power settings and only takes 3 hours to charge fully. This PAPR is packed with unique features like a lift-to-talk head assembly, and an oversized grind shield.

The best part about this welding PAPR is you get the latest welding helmet technology from Miller Electric. Plus it is designed to be left on increasing safety. If you leave the welding area and need to communicate with another team member the lift up option is great. 

Miller PAPR with Hard Hat

The reason customers like the helmet is the even weight distribution, comfort, clarity and shade 5 side windows giving a not so enclosed feeling while welding. Also great for safety if someone or something is entering your welding area. 

The silver heat reflective paint is going to stay cooler and square shape gives ideal space inside the helmet while welding. Overall we rate this very high. Our personal favorite PAPR is the non hard hat version of this. So if you are working in an area that a hard hat is required this is the PAPR to get. If you are looking for an option when you do not need the PAPR protection the T94i from Miller is a best seller.

Lincoln Viking 3250D FGS Hard Hat PAPR

Lincoln K4550-4 PAPR with Hard Hat
The Lincoln Viking 3250D Hard Hat PAPR has been a popular option for welding PAPR systems. This system also features an integrated hard hat and grind shield to fit the needs of a hard hat required welding area. The 3250D really stands out due to the size of the ADF lens. The ADF lens is 12.5 inches on this PAPR and the field of view is 161 degrees with the grind shield. The 4C lens technology paired with the 1/1/1/1 clarity rating makes this PAPR easy to see out of and use all day. 
The Lincoln Electric viking line has been a best seller for a few years now. What people like about the Viking's is the viewing area and traditional analog buttons and simplicity. If you only need this PAPR for certain projects we recommend grabbing a standard Viking (our #1 selling helmet). The negative to Hard Hat PAPR's is you can not remove the helmet and use it alone. 

Miller Electric Hard Hat PAPR vs. Lincoln Electric Hard Hat PAPR

Miller PAPR vs Lincoln PAPR

Assigned Protection Factor (APF) 

The Miller Electric T94iH-R PAPR 2 has an APF of 25 with the standard head seal. There is an optional heavy duty seal (287188) that takes that APF rating all the way up to 1000.

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3250 PAPR has an APF of 25 and does not offer any sort of heavy duty seal. 

Battery Life

The Miller Electric T94iH-R PAPR 2 has three fan speed levels that affect the battery life. Low: 10 hours, Medium: 9 hours, High: 8 hours. No matter the setting this PAPR system has enough juice to get you through a whole day of work. 

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3250 PAPR has a dynamic flow rate and adjustable fan setting as well. The battery life stated for this PAPR system is 9 hours with the standard battery. Lincoln offers this PAPR system with an extended battery part K4550-6, bringing the battery life up to 16 hours. They also offer the extended battery as a stand alone upgrade if you have the standard battery system (KP3938-1). 

Lens Technology / ADF Viewing Area

The Miller PAPR 2 features Miller's Clearlight 2.0 lens technology. The high definition optics provide a realistic and very clear image. The lens size is 9 sq. inches so there is plenty of area to see out of. 

The Lincoln Viking 3250 PAPR offers their 4C lens technology. The 4C technology broadens the color spectrum and eliminates visual imperfections. The lens size is surprisingly large at 12.5 sq. inches. 


The Miller Electric T94iH-R PAPR 2:

NIOSH 42 CFR 84 

ANSI Z87.1 2020

ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, CSA Z94.1

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3250 PAPR:

ANSI Certified

CSA Certified

NIOSH Certified

Which one should you pick?

It is hard to say that one of these PAPR systems is "better" than the other. These PAPR systems are both packed with features but one might be better for your specific situation. If APF rating is a concern for you, then the Miller would be a better option. If battery life is a concern for you, something like the Lincoln PAPR system with the extended battery would be a better fit. Understanding your exact needs will help you to decide. Both of these systems will get the job done, it really comes down to personal preferences for which you would like more.

If you are in the market for a PAPR system, be sure to check out all of options that Bakers has to offer. There is a range of systems available both with and without a hard hat. Shop all PAPR systems here.

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