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Taking a look at the new Miller Dynasty 300

Dynasty 300 in action

The New Lineup

Miller Electric has just released the all new Dynasty lineup. The new Dynasty 300 and 210 lineup are full of new features and capabilities. Some of the major improvements on the Dynasty 300 are the digital screen, a carry handle, higher amperage range, and many more new features! The Dynasty 300 did replace the Miller Dynasty 280 and Dynasty 280DX. 

New features of the Dynasty 300

Miller Dynasty 300 Screen

New LCD Screen + No More Hidden Menus

The Dynasty 300 has a new LCD screen making it easier than ever before to utilize the advanced modes and make adjustments. 

Miller eliminated the DX and made all Dynasty's come with the advanced settings without the need to access hidden menus.  The 4.5 LCD color screen is very easy to use and even shows impact of parameter adjustments in real time. When you adjust up or down it gives a visual view of the weld and shows changes as you adjust. 

For example when you adjust the AC frequency it will show you what an increase and decrease will look like. Both visual and full sentence describing the impact.

Increase for a more focused narrow arc cone (fillets and thin material).

Decrease to soften and widen the arc cone (outside corner and thicker material).

Program Memory - The program memory feature makes it easy for you to find and keep your favorite weld settings. Once you have settings tuned to how you like, you can save the parameters and name it. This allows you to have pre-set parameters depending on material, process, and thickness. 

Exclusive Miller Dynasty Technology 

A lot of the other features on the Dynasty 300 have been carried over from the Dynasty 280. Below are the features we found to be most important and useful throughout the life cycle of the Dynasty 280 that have been brought over to the new Dynasty 300.


Pro-Set is a way to get perfectly tuned professional weld settings every time. Pro set is pre-set controls tuned to give you the best weld quickly. The Pro-Set feature is available for Balance, Frequency, Pulse and DIG parameters.


Auto Line allows for use with "dirty" or inconsistent power. Voltage spikes and dips are smoothed out with Auto Line, protecting the arc quality. This also allows for single and three phase power, so you can plug in and get welding virtually anywhere.  

6010 Stick Features

Tailored arc control (DIG) allows the arc characteristics to be changed for specific applications and electrodes. Opening up the possibilities like smooth running 7018 or stiffer, more penetrating 6010. The Hot Start technology also provides an arc start without sticking. 

Cooler On DemandFan on Demand

Fan on Demand and Cooler on Demand are similar features that both make a big difference. The fan and cooling system of the Dynasty 300 will only operate when it is needed. These features reduces noise, energy use, and the amount of contaminants pulled through the machine from the fans. 

Which Dynasty is best for you?

The Dynasty 300 has 7 different packages available. This ranges from the base unit (907818) all the way up to the complete package that includes a wire feeder and a full setup (951940).

The most popular overall package of the Dynasty 300 is the TIGRunner kit (951937). 

Dynasty 300 TIGRunner

This package includes the Multiprocess Dynasty 300, the Coolmate 1.3, a small runner cart, and much more. If you are looking for one of the most versatile and reliable welding setups, this is the one. We have one in our demo room right now, check out our video here.

Duty Cycle/Material Thickness

Take a look at the chart Miller provided below for the Dynasty 300 performance. The Dynasty 300 can go up to 300 amps now, up from 280 amps on the Dynasty 280. 

Dynasty 300 Duty Cycle and Material Thickness

Dynasty 210 vs. Dynasty 300

The new Miller Dynasty 210 and Dynasty 300 are similar machines. The Dynasty 210 has the same screen and shares all of the features the 300 does. The main difference between the two is the maximum amperage, duty cycle, and material thickness. Take a look at the chart below and compare with the Dynasty 300 chart above. 

Dynasty 210 performance

Dynasty 300 Review Video 

Let us know what questions you have and we will try to answer them in one of our upcoming videos on YouTube or Instagram story! 


If you need a quote or have any questions reach out to our team!

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