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4 New Welding Machines that Are Powerful and User-Friendly

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Whether you’re improving at welding and taking on new projects or you’re just getting started, some of the latest welding machines from top name brands such as ESAB, Miller, and Lincoln promise to make you more productive and effective with your welding work. From 3-in-one machines that provide tremendous versatility to the top of the line TIG welders, these new welding machines are well worth the investment.

Tig 200

The Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200

If you’re just getting started with TIG welding or you’re looking for a dependable TIG welder for your shop, the Square Wave TIG welder from Lincoln is a portable machine that is designed to help even the most inexperienced welder make high quality welds.

You’ll get a smooth, stable arc when welding on AC TIG on aluminum and an extremely user-friendly interface that makes it easy to punch in your settings and get to work. If you need to work outdoors, you can switch to stick welding and get right to work.

Welders working with aluminum will especially appreciate the high frequency start option that will make it simple to get started, while it’s easy-use control panel makes it possible to make your arc wider or tighter based on the weld joint you’re working on.

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The Miller Electric Dynasty 210 TIG Welder

This high end TIG welder is, as of this writing, available at a steep discount from Baker’s Gas and Welding, offering you the very best in water-cooled TIG welding for aluminum and steel. Welders working with demanding specifications or projects the require software can easily access the updated front panel memory card data port.

You’ll conserve energy with its sleep timer feature that will power down the machine if it sits idle for a specified amount of time, and the Advanced Squarewave Arc improves your ability to weld both aluminum and magnesium when you’re welding with a lower power. If you aren’t sure about the best setting for a project, try the Pro-Set features that eliminate the guesswork for you.

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The Miller Electric Maxstar 210 TIG/Stick Welder

If you love the Miller Dynasty, but you want a more affordable option that also includes the versatility of stick welding, the Miller Maxstar retails for around $2,000 less and provides a similar, although limited, range of TIG features. You’ll still find the same Pro-Set and sleep time features that make Miller’s TIG welders easy and efficient to use.

The base and DX models also come with Blue-Lightning, a high frequency arc starter that makes it easier than ever to start your arc without making contact. Miller’s Wind Tunnel technology protects the machine’s internal components from dust and debris, protecting your investment in this reliable, top end machine.

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ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic Multiprocess Welder – MIG/TIG/Stick Package

This MIG/TIG/Stick 3-in-one welder offers 120/230V flexibility for both large and small welding projects. With its light weight, flexible welding options, and custom welding settings, you’ll get an edge in your welding that will bring results in your shop or workplace.

If you think multi-process welders make you a jack of all trades and the master of none, ESAB’s Rebel will change your mind with it’s truly top-notch performance in each process. Whether you need flux-cored MIG welding, stick welding with a 6010 electrode, or effective TIG welding with the Lift TIG feature, your welding work will take a huge leap forward with this highly sophisticated machine.

The ESAB Rebel EMP also includes a high quality Tweco Fusion MIG gun, electrode holder, earth clamp, and a TIG torch so that you can get to work right out the box.

Learn more about the ESAB Rebel

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