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2 Possible Reasons Why Your Welding Career is at a Standstill

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Welding Career is at a Standstill

You’ve applied to every job that even mentions the word “welding,” and yet the only phone calls that you’ve come to expect are from bill collectors. Times are tough and the job market is even tougher, but if recent articles are to be believed the welding field is still alive and kicking. So where are all these welding jobs and why has it become a hassle to land one? Here are two possible reasons why your welding career is at a standstill:

1. Welding Jobs Are Plentiful, Just Not In Your Neck O’ The Woods

Every week the jobs section of The Weekly Roundup serves as a small example of the opportunities available to welders around the country and on the global scale. Articles like Trinity High School students learn to weld, find a cool new career path give us hope that our skills are still a very necessary part of the world. But where are these jobs?

A quick search for “welder” of Simply Hired yielded over 20,000 job postings. Welding jobs are popping up all around the country, but if you’re not seeing any in your area you may want to consider becoming a traveling welder.

Are you willing to relocate or become a traveling welder?

If the jobs won’t come to you, maybe you should go to the jobs. Understandably, relocation isn’t an ideal or even possible solution for many, taking into account family, relocation costs, etc. But if it is a viable option, you’ve opened the door to more employment opportunities. A great alternative to relocation is travel welding. 

Traveling welders are just that – welders who are willing and equipped with the necessary tools to take their welding skills on the road. Check out Hit the Road Jack (or Jane)! Money For Traveling Welders for more information and some tips on how to get started as a traveling welder. 

2. The Competition is Steep

Because of numerous high schools, colleges, training centers and the like, becoming a welder is a real option for the masses. Simply put: the world of welding is not as closed as it used to be, and with this newfound openness comes the challenge of competition. Graduates of welding programs are well prepared to enter the workforce, with some programs offering experience and welding certification along with education.

What are you doing to keep yourself ahead of the pack?

Show potential employers that being an experienced welder doesn’t mean that you’ve neglected to keep up with the latest advances in the welding field.

  • Keep your certification up to date
  • Earn certification in other areas of welding, and
  • Constantly practice welding in different ways to improve on your skills

What other factors are at play in the employment hunt? What advice do you have for those looking to revive their welding career? Drop a comment below! 

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