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Hit the Road Jack (or Jane)! Money For Traveling Welders

Road trip

Are you able to take your welding skills on the road? For those of you who can (or are seriously considering the option), here’s a basic list of what traveling welders deal with.

This post was inspired by content from GoWelding.org, one of the ultimate resources for understanding the core aspects of welding.

Basics for Traveling Welders

1. Depending on the job and site location, traveling welders can expect to relocate within 24 hours.

2. Often, they must be ready to take a welding test to judge qualification for a job.

3. Because some of these jobs are time sensitive and require immediate travel, traveling welders always have their cars ready (enough gas, car problems fixed, etc. ) and bags packed before applying for any job.

4. In some cases, traveling welders will need enough money for at least three weeks of living expenses (i.e. hotels, food, etc.) 

Resources (Job Placement) for Traveling Welders

Staffing agencies only use the “best of the best” for travel welding jobs. So, to ensure you’re on top of your game, be prepared to pass tests such as:

  • 6G x-ray test
  • The 2, 3, and 4G plate test
  • Math exams

Based on what a company needs, staffing agencies may also require alcohol and drug testing, federal background checks (even speeding tickets may be an issue), and sometimes even security clearances.

Armed with that bit of information, here’s a list of job boards and staffing agencies for welders.

List provided by GoWelding.org.

Advanced Resource Solutions is a staffing company. You can fax your resume to 1-520-615-7692 or call 1-800-314-9346.

Ameri-Force mainly focuses on shipbuilding jobs and is owned by Man Power.Com. Ameri-Force is always busy and if you need a job they most like have one! You can contact a recruiter by email at recruiter@ameriforce.com or call 1-888-269-3381 to get an instant phone interview.

Aerotek is one of the biggest staffing services out there. You can visit their website to find jobs or call 1-888-237-6835 to speak to a recruiter.

Caliper, Inc is a general recruiting company serving a variety of industries. You can contact them by email at resume@caliper.net or call 1-800-476-1306 to speak to a staffing agent.

CTR Group serves industrial construction and maritime trades. To contact them visit their website and search for jobs. Once you find a job you are interested in call or email the person listed.

HKA Enterprises, Inc is a staffing company. You can submit your resume to help@hkaa.com or call 1-800-825-5452 to speak to a recruiter.

Industrial Tradesman Magazine is a fee based online job publication. They have jobs from industrial shut downs to shipyards. I don't know much about them but I have met people that get all of their jobs from this site.

Koger Industrial Staffing is a staffing company located in Alabama. You can visit their site or submit your resume to kogerstaffing@yahoo.com. If you have questions call 1-866-488-0557

MK Industries staffs all kinds of welding and fitting jobs. Their main focus is the defense industries and shipyards. The pay rate is on the higher end of these jobs. You can contact a recruiter by email at recruiter@mkpro.com or call 1-800-573-6269 to speak to a recruiter.

This is just some of the agencies that help place traveling welders. For the full list and more information on traveling welders, visit GoWelding.org.



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