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How to Submit your Miller Build with Blue Rebate

If you recently purchased a product on rebate special, you may be wondering what steps you need to take to successfully submit for the offer and collect that kickback! Submitting the rebates is simple, and it is all online. You will need to go to and submit the rebate there!

Follow these steps to successfully submit your Miller Build with Blue Rebate!

Step #1: Go to If you live in Canada, go here.


Step #2: Click on "Build with Blue" logo to arrive at the submission page.


Step #3: Select the product you purchased. This will be done in the first dropdown on the top left of the page. Note: Be sure to select the machine that you purchased by the part number not the model. Certain machine models come in multiple packages, and the wrong selection may effect your rebate submission!


Miller Build with Blue Product

Step #4: Enter your products Serial Number. This will be found on the rear of your unit or the inside of your welding helmet's ADF.


Step #5: Fill out a couple pieces of personal information (where they can send the check to).


Step #6: This is an important step! If you purchased any Miller accessories in addition to your welder on the same order, you must select one of the options to receive the additional rebate return. See below.

Miller Additional Rebate


Step #7: After filling this out and clicking "Next" at the bottom of the page, you will be required to upload your proof of purchase.

For the proof of purchase, the best bet is to use a scanned copy of your packing slip that notes your date of purchase, your unit's serial number and SKU, and your order number. If you need a new invoice or proof of purchase, feel free to email us at with your order number as the subject line.

After that, you should be all set! You can track the status of your rebate by going back to step #1 and at the top of the page select "Check Your Rebate Claim Status".

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