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New ESAB MIG Welder - EM 210 Powerful and Affordable

New ESAB MIG Welder - EM 210 Powerful and Affordable

The ESAB EM 210 is now in stock and this is a big upgrade to other MIG welders in this class. This machine has 200 amps of power at only 29 lbs. Plus premium accessories and quality built in by ESAB. Baker's Gas has a nice savings option and add on value bundle to get you everything you need to start MIG welding!

Baker's EM 210 Launch Special  (Save $100, yes that makes this welder less than $1,000 right now. Watch the Youtube video and use promo code: 210REVIEW) 

ESAB EM 210 Quick Specs

  • Rated to weld 22 gauge up to 3/8 in material in a single pass
  • 30 - 200A power
  • Easy to use LED Screen.
  • Durable design and portable at¬†only¬†29 lbs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • 3 Year Warranty
The ESAB MIG welder Overview

There are plenty of affordable MIG welders on the market but the 210 has a lot more to offer. The new ESAB EM 210 is powerful and packed with performance features you usually do not get at an entry level unit.

Although this is no Rebel it does come with the premium accessories that customers love from ESAB units. Same Fusion 180 gun as the Rebel 205 and includes Victor regulator and Tweco ground that are much higher quality than you would see in other MIG welders in this category.  

So how does it weld? Pretty well in our opinion. Watch our review video linked below for an up close look at the machine and watch us lay a bead with this unit and tell you what we think! 

LED Display and Adjustments 

Whether you’re a rookie or a long time welding pro, having a screen show the amps and wire feed speed is a nice feature. Also the hidden menu allows you to adjust things like the gas flow and the 2 tap/4 tap trigger control. (We show how to do this in the video) 

Lightweight and Versatile 

The machine comes with a top grab handle and comes in at only 29 lbs total. Plus this unit is 110/220 capable so you can use in the garage with or without 220 power. One thing to point out is that this machine does not auto recognize the voltage. There is a switch on the back that indicates the power you are plugged into. No worries if you are on the wrong one it just shows an error and will not let you weld. 

You can use up to an 11# spool or with the adapter use a smaller 1-2# spool. Plus this unit does include the drive rolls for flux core wire. Inside of the door is the parameter chart showing you all of the recommended settings based on the material and thickness. 

Features you will NOT get 

This is an economy MIG welder. Some things you can not expect to get with this unit would be memory features, auto set and auto voltage as noted above. We also noticed that the fan does stay on all the time. The fan on demand is something you get on the higher end units. Not a big deal once we ran it for a bit we did not even notice. 

The biggest thing we want to point out is this is a MIG ONLY unit. If you want to TIG and or stick in the future consider the EMP unit of this welder about $300 more. If you need to AC TIG aluminum or more advanced features check out the Rebel 215 or 205! 

Save more with the Baker's Bundle

Place your order today for the ESAB EM 210 and you can add on the extensive Baker’s Bundle starting pack that offers everything you need and then some! (This is on top of the other BONUS offer's Baker's is offering in the drop downs on the machine and accessories) 

Baker's Bundle
  • ESAB Consumable Kit .030-.035¬†
  • ER70S-6 Wire .030 11#¬†
  • MIG Welding Plier¬†
  • Nozzle Gel

Total Value of $175 You just pay: $120

Looking for TIG and Stick? 

ESAB also launched a multiprocess unit version of this machine. For about $300 more jump into this unit! Full video review and blog post coming soon! The EMP 210 has the same MIG functionality as the EM /same physical size just includes the TIG and Stick capability. 

To learn more or to get a custom quote contact us. 

Marta L.


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