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Welding Accessories to Keep You Cool and Productive This Summer

Welding Accessories to Keep You Cool and Productive This Summer

Sure, summertime means high temperatures but does that mean you’re going to wait until October to tackle the welding jobs waiting for you right now? You probably already know the basics: start early in the day or wait until early evening; stay hydrated; stay clear of direct sunlight if you can; and most important, take that break before you overheat. Staying cool isn’t just a matter of comfort, because extreme heat brings on fatigue, and fatigue means loss of mental sharpness and a greater chance of accidents.

Summer day welding

The secret to summer welding is using gear that will help keep you cool even while you’re knocking out the punch list. This is a great time to add new equipment that will keep you going no matter what the temperature. You can get plenty done and work longer than you thought possible with these keep-cool ideas, great deals, and free shipping available now from Baker’s:

Compatible gear: The Miller Coolbelt

You can pair the Miller Coolband with the Miller Coolbelt for maximum effect: reducing temperatures under your hood by 17 degrees. The lightweight design and the swivel-quick connection means you’ve got the mobility you need plus extended wearability.

Dual air speeds and directional control give you total command of your comfort. The airflow covers your head and face so heat exhaustion doesn’t need to cause unnecessary fatigue or injuries. Work safe. Work smart. Work cooler. Your kit comes complete with additional filters, hose and headgear, shroud, and AC power adapter.

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Optrel Welding Helmet

If you’ve been thinking about a new helmet, Optrel’s all weather, Expert Series E684 is just the ticket. Keep cooler thanks to superior helmet design up to 23% cooler compared to unpainted or dark helmets. You can adjust the two-channel air distribution inside the helmet toward your nose, mouth, or forehead, which improves overall comfort while reducing fatigue.

Of course, you still get Optrel’s autodarkenig filter technology, with the set-it and forget-it Adaptive Autoshade Pilot technology. Maximum clarity means greater accuracy and precision every time. This helmet brings productivity, safety, and comfort.

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Black Stallion Umbrella

If you are in an outdoor environment or in direct sunlight this is the perfect item for you. The Black Stallion umbrella is made of FR materials so it is safe to have in a welding environment. It comes with a stand and the angle of the umbrella can be adjusted so you stay covered no matter what time of day. 

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OK: you’ve cooled down your head and your hands, but don’t forget about lightweight welding sleeves and welding aprons. They’re cooler than jackets and provide excellent coverage too.

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