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What Makes the New Victor Regulators Stand Out?

Victor regulator

The latest regulators for Victor cutting torches have distinguished themselves in a competitive cutting outfit market with a rugged, intuitive, award-winning design that includes the essential elements on the regulator and makes them extremely easy to use. These eye-catching regulators were completely revamped based on customer feedback and may be poised to offer significant competition to the popular regulators from Smith.

Here’s a brief overview of what welders and metal workers can expect to find from Victor’s latest regulators, followed by a brief comparison of Smith’s regulators.

Safer Regulators from Victor

Safety is the one area where welders don’t want to take any chances, and these regulators are extremely sturdy with their shock resistant SLAM technology (Shock Limitation and Absorption Mechanism) that makes these regulators especially strong in the event of a cylinder falling over.

The pressure gauges themselves are built into the body of the regulator so that they are particularly shielded from impact or incidental contact with objects in your shop or on your work site. These regulators also pass the ASTM G-175 ignition test. Each regulator is color-coded to make them easier to spot in your shop.

Intuitive Regulators from Victor

The gauges on these newly revamped regulators from Victor promise a high-contrast, color-coded design that uses the layout, colors, and sizes of font to distinguish settings. For instance, the cylinder contents and delivery pressure are easily viewed from across the room, making it easier to discern high and low pressure settings. However,  the cylinder pressure gauge is smaller and offset in order to help it stand out.

The sloped profile of the regulator where it attaches to the gas cylinder makes it easier to tighten the regulator with a wrench without slamming your knuckles in the process. Easier access for tightening and loosening the regulator also means that it’s going to be safer for welders setting up their cutting torch equipment.

Versatile Regulators from Victor

Victor’s new regulators are expected to be available for all common gases, including acetylene, L.P. (propane), oxygen and inert gases. They are ideal for small fabrication shops, welding shops, construction sites, and offshore oil rigs.

Improvements Over the EDGE 1.0

EDGE 2.0 features an extra large 2.5″ diameter, high-contrast, color-coded delivery gauge which enables users to more easily see and set deliver pressure. The cylinder pressure gauge was made smaller and offset to create a difference in depth perception allowing users to safely determine acceptable pressure ranges even from a distance.

EDGE 1.0 had a blockier design where as EDGE 2.0 features a smooth, sloped profile at the point where the regulator connects to the cylinder. This allows for better hand and wrench clearance and less scraped up knuckles.

Other EDGE 2.0 improvements can be found under the surface such as a stainless steel diaphragm for increased precision and more consistent flow performance, more precise gauge mounting design, and several other reparability improvements.

Comparing Victor and Smith Torches and Regulators

When metal workers are deciding between Victor and Smith products, one of the big points of contention has been the warranty. Victor’s cutting kits have typically, as of this writing, been a 5-year warranty. However, Smith offers a lifetime warranty. That lifetime warranty has gone a long way to make many customers loyal to the Smith brand.

Having said that, there are distinct advantages to the Victor design that makes it easier to read, safer to use, and simpler to connect. New metal workers may find that the Victor regulators remove a major margin of error if they’re just starting out.

Each torch from Smith and Victor is slightly different, which may lead to some preferences among metal workers, however, most importantly, Victor torches are often chosen for making large cuts or for particularly rugged jobs, while Smith torches are often used more broadly for welding applications and are known for evenly distributing the heat.

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