Miller AugmentedArc Augmented Reality Welding System - 951823

By Miller Electric

Miller AugmentedArc Augmented Reality Welding System - 951823

By Miller Electric

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A highly realistic multiprocess welding simulation solution for classroom training. For beginner to advanced-level weld students, the AugmentedArc system simulates multiple welding processes, blending real-world and computer-generated images into a unique, augmented reality environment.

AugmentedArc Helmet
Features a light weight, better balanced design with a larger viewing area for enhanced user comfort and experience.

AugmentedArc display
Helmet's external optical sensor captures and sends images of coded devices and workpeices to AugmentedArc simulator. Simulator generates three-dimensional images of metal workpeices, augmenting them into a real-world environment. Display on simulator replicates the view inside helmet to give real-time feedback.

NCCER Level 1 and 2 Curriculum
Newly integrated with exercises for welding level 1 and 2 NCCER curriculum which correlates with AWS SENSE standards and guidelines.   Learn More

OpenBook Curriculum
Integrated with Miller® OpenBook™ LMS Curriculum, including MIG, Stick and TIG welding exercises.   Learn More

Deliver Real-Time Feedback
is provided on users’ technique to help correct errors. Reinforce proper welding practices and accelerate skill advancement prior to actual live arc welding in a lab.

Post-Weld Feedback Screen
User's performance is scored, graphed and recorded for playback. The video is stored and available for replay for student and instructor review via teacher software.

Teacher Software
User-friendly and flexible learning management system (LMS) that allows instructors to manage courses, content and students, and maximizes the usefulness of AugmentedArc welding simulators.

Specially Coded Workpieces
Provide a wide range of training applications.

Specially Designed Gun, Torch, Stinger and Filler Metal Components
Relay user data to the computer for processing.

TIG Foot Pedal Accessory Kit
The TIG foot pedal accessory kit allows users to experience a more realistic TIG welding process.

Optimize Instructor Efficiency
Instructors can use the Teacher Software with an AugmentedArc controller to create a virtual classroom with customized curriculum, quizzes and weld exercises. Students can work at their own pace, and instructors have more time to assist students one-on-one.

Reduce Overall Training Time
Compared to using only traditional training methods, incorporating the AugmentedArc with traditional training reduces the amount of time needed to teach students.

Minimize Material Cost
by saving wire, gas and workpieces in this simulation environment allowing students to define their welding skills before beginning live arc welding.

Build a Larger, More-Skilled Welding Workforce
when computer-savvy individuals are drawn to welding education programs that increase their success with live arc welding.

Included with Product

  • AugmentedArc Simulator
  • Teacher Software
  • Black Infinity AR Helmet with Premium Headgear (271325)
  • AugmentedArc router (277397)
  • MIG Gun (301401) with AR Nozzle (277269)
  • Stick Stinger (277258)
  • TIG Torch (301400) with AR Nozzle (283068)
  • Two Electrode/Filler Rods with AR Tips (277267)
  • Work Stand (277266) for Out-of-Position Applications
  • T-Joint Workpiece (277270)
  • Butt Joint Workpiece (277274)
  • Lap Joint Workpiece (277273)
  • Pipe-to-Plate Workpiece (277276)
  • Butt Pipe Workpiece (277275)
  • V-Groove Workpiece Kit (288210)


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Miller AugmentedArc Augmented Reality Welding System - 951823

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