When the sparks begin to fly in your welding shop, you need to protect yourself by wearing flame-resistant clothing, or at least something that won't blaze into flames or melt. Personal welding safety begins with never wearing anything synthetic that will catch sparks and either ignite or melt. Cotton clothing is far more flame resistant to sparks than a synthetic shirt, but keep in mind that you may ruin a cotton shirt while welding, especially if you're stick welding.

The best protection from sparks will be leather, but if you're welding in a warmer climate, you won't want to wear a heavy leather jacket when it's 90 degrees outside and the sun is blazing down on you. There are plenty of options available for protection, such as aprons, bibs, and leather sleeves. If you pair a cool cotton shirt with a leather apron, you'll be far safer and comfortable while welding.

Besides providing welding equipment, Baker's also has gear for welding work and general outdoor jobs that require something especially rugged. Here are some welding clothing and safety gear suggestions that will ensure you won't have to compromise safety for comfort from head to toe!

Welding Shirts

Long sleeve cotton shirts that button up high are ideal for welding work and provide coverage to your arms and upper body. Synthetic materials will catch sparks and then melt onto your skin. In addition, short sleeves won't protect your arms from sparks or harmful UV rays--a cause of skin cancer. If you do choose a short-sleeve cotton shirt, make sure you wear long welding sleeves on your arms. Wool is also a safe clothing material for welding work.

Some shirts are specially designed to be flame resistant, making them a much safer choice for welding jobs.

Welding Jackets

A leather or suede welding jacket will provide complete protection to your arms and upper body and safely deflect all sparks and slag that may land on you while working. Jackets are especially ideal for welders working in colder climates who need to stay warm and to protect themselves at the same time.

If a leather jacket will be too heavy for your climate, many leading welding brands make cloth jackets that are flame resistant. Some jackets also offer cotton bodies with leather sleeves.

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Welding Aprons, Bibs and Sleeves

An apron is a great way to protect yourself in a warmer climate since aprons cover your upper  and lower body without making yourself unnecessarily warm. There are both light-weight cotton aprons for light-duty jobs and heavy-duty leather aprons that will provide excellent protection while you work.

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Leather Welding Sleeves

Welding sleeves are excellent when paired with a welding apron for jobs that call for a higher degree of protection to your arms. You'll put these sleeves on first and then wear your gloves with them, though there also are gauntlet gloves that extend up beyond your elbow.

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Ear Plugs

For particularly loud jobs, a helmet may protect you from sparks and flashes, but if your hearing is sensitive to loud noises, ear plugs are also worth considering.

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Top-Selling Shirts

Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, these comfortable t-shirts are ideal for work or play.

For working in cooler conditions, this cotton t-shirt is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. If you want a flame resistant option, check out this flame resistant long sleeve t-shirt.

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Top-Selling Welding Jackets at Baker's

Tillman 3280 30" Welding Jacket

This top-quality side split leather jacket buttons right up the neck for maximum protection and Includes one soap stone pocket on each arm.

Tillman 9230 30" Blue Welding Jacket

Lighter than a heavy leather jacket, this welding jacket provides the best of both worlds with a combination cotton body and leather sleeves that are made from specially tanned split leather. For greater heat resistance, the sleeves are sewn with Kevlar. For welders who want to protect their arms, keep their clothing safe, and stay cool, this jacket is ideal.

Tillman 6230 30" Green Flame Retardant Jacket

This light jacket provides ease of movement and keeps welders cool while on the job. It's made from flame retardant and is washable. Welders wearing this jacket will be protected from sudden flame exposure, light molten splash, and sparks.

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