Home Heat
We have tank sizes from 125 Gallon to 1000 Gallon for purchase.
We have tank sizes from 125 Gallon to 500 Gallon for residential lease.
Customers MUST have a gas check performed. With this program:


  • Entire gas system is checked for leaks
  • All appliances are checked to ensure that the gas system is safe
    and up to code
  • Keep Fill, Pre-Buy and Budget programs are available
  • Large volume discounts available

Motor Fuel

  • With our automated delivery program, you are guaranteed to never run out of propane for your fork lift trucks
  • Our fast fill plant accurately and safely fills each cylinder
  • Safety training on the handling and storage of propane is available to each of our customers

Grain Drying

  • Pre-Buy programs available
  • Customer owned tanks and Large Volume orders qualify for special pricing

Temporary Heat & Ground Thawing

  • We can supply a complete solution to your temporary heat needs
  • From the heaters to the tanks, we can engineer the system to meet your requirements
  • Check out our line of Heating products

Grills & Barbecue

  • Stop in and see us for your barbecue refills
  • We fill 20# up to 100# Cylinders while you wait!
  • We are much more competitive than the cylinder exchange programs you see
    at the large retail stores and gas stations


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