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High Definition Optics

View more colors in the light spectrum for more natural and accurate tones. See what you've been missing with Miller's Clearlight Lens Technology.


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Miller ClearLight Lens Technology

Traditional helmet lens technology has an artificial blue, yellow or green tint providing little contrast between the welding puddle and the workpiece. This can often lead to strain on the eyes, rework and decreased productivity.

ClearLight lens technology by Miller allows more colors of the light spectrum to come through the lens for more natural, accurate tones, increasing visibility and productivity and reducing strain on the eyes. See What You’ve Been Missing with ClearLight Lens Technology by Miller. Featured on Miller Digital Performance, Digital Elite, Digital Infinity, Classic Series and T94 welding helmets.

Miller Electric ClearLight welding helmet lens vs Traditional welding helmet lens

ClearLight Lens: See What You’ve Been Missing

What Customers Are Saying...

"This is hands down the best helmet that has ever touched my head. Miller really outdid themselves with this helmet. I have 0 complaints about it so far, and its very comfortable... Try it out for yourself and you'll see what i mean."

Ben A. — Lubbock, TX


"Very pleased with the helmet. I have other cheaper helmets that seemed to work ok until I bought this Miller. Night and day difference, Kia vs Rolls Royce. Visibility is superb and various settings adapt to current conditions."

Edward P. — Eagle River, AK


"Bought this as a gift for my husband. He LOVES it! He said it has changed his welding 'game'."

April C. — North Carolina

Average Rating of 4.9 Stars

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