Baker's Gas is a proud producer of dry ice in Michigan. We are able to supply it within Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Dry Ice has plenty of practical applications beyond what you may know. Check out some of the uses for dry ice below as well as tips and tricks when handling it. If you need a quote, scroll down to the bottom of the page, or click here to fill out the quote request form.

Dry Ice for the best price in Michigan Ohio and Indiana
What is Dry Ice and where does the name come from?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide gas. It has a lower temperature than ice created from H20, and it will not leave any residue. The name "dry ice" comes from the fact that it doesn't melt, but rather will convert back into a carbon dioxide gas. Be careful when handling it because it is extremely cold and it comes in at about -109° F.

How do I handle Dry Ice when I receive it?

Seeing that dry ice is -109° F, if you accidentally touch it with your bare hands, it will leave you a pretty nasty and painful burn. That being said, do not touch it with bare skin. If you are required to disperse dry ice into containers outside of the holding container that you receive from Baker's Gas, be sure to use a scoop of some sort and always use protective gloves. When you are storing dry ice, it can not be in a completely sealed container due to the pressure that builds up from sublimation into gas.

What would I use Dry Ice for?

Besides the common uses of having a frosty cooler or creating a cool smoking effect, dry ice has plenty of practical uses that our customers are applying it to every day!

  • Ice Blasting
  • Various Medical Uses
  • Ultra-Cooling Agent
  • Shrinking of Parts
  • Improved Marijuana Extraction
  • Accelerated Plant Growth
  • Food Preservation during storage and transportation
  • Fog / Smoke Visual Effects

If you use dry ice for blasting, it is very important to use "Fresh Ice". The ice only has a 4-day shelf life after production, and over time the ice density will become much too low to be used for blasting.

Do I have to buy a certain amount of Dry Ice from Baker's Gas?

Nope! Baker's sells our dry ice by the pound, so no matter how little or how much you need, we have you covered! If you just need a couple pounds, bring in your cooler, and we can fill it up. we can also provide you with a cost-effective cooler if you don't have one handy.

Looking for a lot of dry ice? One of our sales personnel would be happy to get you an honest price. We can even deliver it to your corporate office, plant, or shop for a nominal delivery fee! For any bulk orders, you will be required to rent an HR 11 Insulated Tote to properly store the amount of Dry Ice that you purchase.

What is an HR 11 Insulated Tote?

This is a great option if you need a mobile container to safely stow your dry ice. Baker's HR 11 Totes come equipped with casters to easily roll around the workplace, and they hold approximately 500 pounds of dry ice. The lid will safely hinge as well to better handle gas sublimation as well.

HR11 Insulated tote dry ice in Michigan Ohio and Indiana

Is there only one size of Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is available to purchase from Baker's in 2 sizes; Rice Pellets and Standard Pellets. Rice Pellets are named for their resemblance to a grain of rice, and they ironically are used primarily for transporting frozen foods. Standard Pellets are the most common and they are between 1/4" and 3/4"sometimes called nuggets. These are used primarily for food storage, machine repair, and various medical applications.

Dry Ice Pellets from Baker's Gas

Common Dry Ice FAQ's

How long does Dry Ice Last?

  • Generally, dry ice will sublimate at a rate of 1% per hour in a standard ice chest.

What's the best way to handle dry ice?

  • Always wear gloves, and try your best to not allow dry ice to come in contact with bare skin. Its extremely cold temperature will burn you.
  • Do not store in an airtight container, and let it "breath".

Can I store dry ice in a freezer?

  • No, you must store dry ice in a breathable insulated container or cooler.

If dry ice is in liquid and I drink it, will I become ill?

  • Dry ice is not poisonous, and you are able to drink liquid that is cooled with dry ice. Be sure to always handle dry ice safely when putting it into a drink where you want to create a smoke effect. Do not in any case swallow dry ice.