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Premium Respiratory Protection for Medical Applications

The Optrel Clearmaxx

Uncompromising protection and safety.

Optrel's e3000X PAPR is certified according to the TH3 (EN 12941), and they correspond to the highest respiratory protection class.

This level of filtration removes 99.8% of harmful solid and fluid particles providing the user with clean and purified inhalation. Infectious viruses and bacteria - e.g. the SARS-CoV-2 virus - that are transmitted via droplet infection.

Optrel's background creating premium protection for industrial applications has allowed them to create an innovative product that far exceeds expectations set by the healthcare industry.

The Optrel Clearmaxx with e3000X PAPR meets certification rules set by NIOSH.

NIOSH approval on the Optrel Clearmaxx PAPR
The best solution for respiratory protection.

In comparison to popular half-mask respirators, the user's airways are significantly safer by a factor of 10. A factor of 40 can be achieved when wearing the Clearmaxx PAPR in parallel with a half-mask respirator.

Smear and spray infections evaded.

Thanks to Optrel's comprehensive face protection, viruses and bacteria can no longer be spread through smear infections.

*Note: This is not to be used as a surgical mask.
Optrel Clearmaxx PAPR air ventilation with 3 different strengths

Individually adjustable air regulation.

Using a simple rotary switch control, up to 20% of the air in the "fresh-air" system can be directed to the forehead for additional cooling. Direct drafts over the eyes are avoided.


Highest Safety Class

The e3000X PAPR unit protects against smoke, aerosols and dust with an unlimited clear view of your workspace through the Clearmaxx Face Shield. The air is evenly distributed with three levels of adustability.

Level 1 will provide up to 170 liters of fresh air per minute. Level 2 lines up with manufacturer's competing products providing around 200 liters per minute. Level 3 takes it to a whole other level and provides 240 liters of fresh air per minute. This system filters 10x more particles from the air which relates to 99.8% filtration of solid and liquid airborne contaminants.

*Please Note: This product is NIOSH approved, not FDA approved, The FDA governs the healthcare industry but recently granted "emergency use authorization" to industrial PAPR use in a healthcare application. Click here to view Optrel's statement regarding the Clearmaxx / e3000X PAPR and COVID-19.

Comfort & Versatility

While being the most technically advanced solution on the market, the user does not lose any comfort while wearing this helmet for extended periods of time on a long shift. The entire weight of the unit (including the blower unit and helmet) is a little over 1 pound. There is an optional shoulder harness that will allow the user to more evenly distribute the weight of the unit to create a more ergonomic fit. The large face shield viewing area will provide you with an uninhibited view of your workspace.


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